One of the most rewarding experiences for a woman is the birth of your newborn baby and the journey of raising your child to be an honest and admirable person.
There is going to be a lot of juggling involved and you might feel pressured, stress, or frustrated. To help you cope with your career and baby, and trying to make time to lose baby weight, here are a few helpful tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

1)  Develop a daily routine and take your time to get used to it. After a long maternity leave, it might be hard to get things back on track so you need to start organising a daily schedule. The best way to get used to this new routine is to start doing a few practice runs a week or two before you are due back at the office. If you have someone coming over to take care of your child, make sure you arrange for it to start at least a week earlier so that you can test this routine and get used to ‘parting’ with your baby.

2)  Get as much rest as you can when you are at home. Parenting is not a one person job and you can always get help from your partner, family members or friends to help you out with your baby. Also, you need to get used to the routine of going to bed early. Of course, you will have to expect that your baby is going to cry at night. To help reduce this problem, cultivate a good sleeping pattern for your baby during your maternity leave. When your baby sleeps soundly, you will also have a better rest at night.

3)  Seek some help and advice from other working women who have been through this phase. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from mums that have successfully made the transition back to work.

4)  It is important that you have an open communication with your employer to clarify your situation so that they know what to expect from you at work. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to solely take on tasking projects in the first few weeks back at work. Also, it is important to explain to your employer that there might be days where you will have to take a day or two off just in case your baby needs you

5)  If you plan to continue breast-feeding your child after you go back to work, consider pumping two or three times during the day and nursing before and after your work hours. Alternatively, prepare bottles of stored breast milk and get your carer to feed it to your child when you are not around during the day.

6)  Fit in some exercises and prepare good meals for yourself by blocking out at least half an hour a day. Plan your workout routines to be short and effective to maximise your weight loss plans. Also, plan your meals weeks in advance so that you won’t have the extra burden of trying to figure out the right meal for you. The proper ingredients and groceries can also be prepared over the weekend so that you won’t have to rush after work. Another way to get a nutritious meal is to get some hired help that can help you cook your dinner or prepare your lunch-pack that you can bring to work.

Whilst we understand that your career and baby are very important to you, don’t forget to consider your health as the number one priority. Always remember that if you are not healthy, you won’t have the strength to create a balanced and positive life for yourself and your baby.
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