Poor Jessica Simpson. Yes she is getting paid a whopping $4m to lose her baby weight but seriously, the pressure on her is incredible.
I have read many stories this week about her crying about having to lose the weight, feeling overly stressed about the weight loss and all in all finding it really difficult – and surely the $4m isn’t that important to her? She isn’t exactly on the bread line.
I wonder if in hindsight she would have wished that she hadn’t signed such a big contract with Weight Watchers – as if reports are to be believed she has 5 months in which to lose 26kg which is an ENORMOUS amount to lose in such a short time.
At Lose Baby Weight we are BIG believers in not even thinking about the weight loss until you are 100% emotionally and physically ready and I would say Jessica is neither of these. I feel incredibly sad that because of money on the table she is potentially effecting the precious first few months with her baby and it really is something that no mother should have to go through.
She did gain quite a few kilos and the media are already publishing pictures (the one here are from TMZ) of her post baby body and comparing it to pre pregnancy and all I want her to do is say “stick the money, I am not ready to lose the weight, now everyone go away”.
But I doubt she will do that and many people reading this will say that she brought it on herself and sold countless stories and pictures of herself during pregnancy and yes that is all true but I honestly don’t think she had any realisation of how tough things would be post birth and how the weight doesn’t magically fall off.
And like all weight loss plans Weight Watchers isn’t a quick fix – it requires discipline, determination and committment and trying to do that on little sleep and when you are emotionally fragile is tough.
I also hope the Weight Watchers team are not putting too much pressure on her. 5 months is an incredibly short period of time and hopefully they will tell her to take it easy and if it takes 12- 18 months that too is fine.
And for any mum who is thinking about losing baby weight make sure you only do it when you are ready, do it in a safe way, do it on a healthy way and don’t let anyone pressure you to lose any weight until you feel ready which for some mums is a couple of years later.
And if you do need help please see our specially designed weight loss plans for mums which are helping mums all over the world lose weight and feel great.