Being in the right frame of mind for starting any weight loss program is critical. And this is why we always say not to start on the Lose Baby Weight weight loss program until you are 100% emotionally and physically ready as starting before you ready will lead to not reaching your weight loss goals and then lead you to feeling like a failure when you ARE NOT a failure – you were just not ready. You can read here more about being ready to start
And this is why January is so popular with people starting with a weight loss program – because so many people feel a New Year signifies new beginnings and it is thus a great time mentally and emotionally to committ to a healthy eating and weight loss program to lose weight and feel great.

Where so many people slip up, is that they don’t set SMART goals for their New Year healthy eating and weight loss program or they try to do too much too soon and by the time January comes to an end they are very hungry or unable to stick to the strict regime that a particular diet has had them following.

And this is even more so the case with mums who have the added extra balls to juggle of children, broken nights sleep and the often constant feeling of tiredness that is often common place in the life of a busy mum.

So what’s the solution

1) Be realistic. A healthy and long term weight loss is approx 500g – 1kg a week

2) Set your goals. Not just for Jan, but for Feb, March and April and for however long you feel you need to lose  the weight you want to lose. See our advice here on how to set SMART goals.

3) Get onto our plans – they are based on healthy eating and exercise principles and give you all the tool you need to lose weight, feel great and keep it off – see how it all works here and the options we have

4) Write your goals down and put them on your fridge. Staying motivated is key to succeeding in your weight loss program and having your goals written down and in view all the time will really help. You can get our free motivation sheet and food diary as part of our “Eat Move Lose” Summer Challenge – which is free too – you can get the pack here

5) Record your measurements and weight – seeing the results each week will really help you stay motivated and will spur you on. And as long as you follow a healthy and sensible weight loss program such as the Lose Baby Weight plan, you won’t find the weight loss plan impossible to stick too – as all food groups are included and we encourage regular snacking plus it is safe if you are a breastfeeding mama.

And just remember, if you don’t feel ready to lose weight, wait until you do. Weight loss isn’t a race. It is about your own personal health and weight loss goals that you decide for yourself and when you feel the time is right for you.
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding and can help support your milk supply

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