When trying to lose weight, lose stomach fat or following a weight loss plan, the best method has been proved to be cut down on the daily intake of food and try to exercise more – or energy in versus energy out.
Most of us have a general grasp of what we should be eating more or less of, but the issue many of us have is with pre-prepared foods which may have many ingredients in them which are surprisingly high in calories.
So just what are the 20 most calorific foods and foods which should be avoided if you want to lose stomach fat? Lose Baby Weight has put together a list of the top foods to avoid.

Top 20 Highest Calorie Foods
  1. Animal Fats. Fat on red meat or used for basting roasts can increase calorie counts dramatically. Dieters should choose lean cuts and preparation methods.
  2. Vegetable Oils. These are used for cooking, and use should be kept to a minimum. Choose olive oil which is lower in trans fats.
  3. Cake. High in sugar, fat and calories – avoid at all costs!
  4. Creamy salad dressings. These are made with cream and butter and can hugely increase the calories in a healthy salad.
  5. Peanut butter. A small amount can be great on a sandwich, but generous portions will rack up the calories.
  6. Sweets and chocolate bars. These provide empty calories which will not satisfy hunger.
  7. Milk chocolate. Avoid milk chocolate and instead go for a good quality dark chocolate which can satisfy cravings as well as adding minerals into the diet.
  8. Cheese. Cheese is a good source of protein, but opt for a lower fat version.
  9. Fried foods. Again, it’s the oil content which is the issue. Bake or grill instead of frying.
  10. Processed meats, including sausages. Choose a low fat version or substitute for lean meat.
  11. Ice cream. Frozen low fat yoghurt or reduced fat ice cream is a better choice for people losing weight.
  12. Coconut milk. This is used in curry dishes and you may not notice that you are consuming it.
  13. Potato Salad. Creamy dressing is the issue, showing not everything on the salad bar is good.
  14. Sugary soft drinks. This can massively increase calories in your diet and are also full of additives and caffeine so AVOID and drink water instead
  15. Full fat milk. Often added into recipes, so it is best to opt for skimmed milk.
  16. Macadamia, Brazil and Pecan nuts. These are nutritious, but are very high in fat so avoid when trying to lose weight. See the best nuts for weight loss here
  17. Pork belly. High in calories and saturated fat – this will not help weight loss.
  18. Alcohol. High in calories and should be avoided when losing weight
  19. White bread. High in carbohydrates and with little nutrition – swap for wholegrain bread.
  20. Fast Food. Saturated fat, high calories, grease, no nutrition and a terrible choice for weight loss and your health

And please note that the list above is not exhaustive and that you should use your common sense when choosing what food to eat. To see the top ten list of the lowest calorie foods click here and to see the top ten weight loss energy foods click here
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