You may have heard in the media recently about ‘stars’ eating their own placenta.
The placenta is in fact, incredibly nutritious and contains many of the vitamins, minerals and hormones that a mother’s body needs to adequately recover from the pregnancy and birth.
I found this very intriguing and had to do some investigating. I found that the gory image in my head of a woman eating a red raw body organ was not true at all – in fact totally the opposite!
The placenta is dried and grinded down and is put into capsules like any other supplement. This is called placenta encapsulation.
Placenta benefits are an organisation based in the US that do this practice on a daily basis.
Some of the benefits described from are:

  • balance your system
  • replenish depleted iron
  • gives you more energy
  • contains your own natural hormones
  • perfectly made for you
  • lessen bleeding postnatally
  • increase milk production

With an array of promising benefits from a practice undertaken by many cultures for many centuries are we doing the wrong thing discarding this powerful organ as medical waste?
It is a very personal decision to make – but with all the issues women are having post-natally with milk supply, depression and a general lack of energy – maybe more of us should consider placental encapsulation.
This article was written by Elisha Danine Adv. Dip. Nut. Medicine
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