healthy_eatingMmmm if there’s a single fruit that epitomises summer in Australia, it would have to be the mango.
Deliciously sweet and oozing with tangy juices, this fragrant fruit is in season from November, right through the summer months, making it the perfect addition to your summer time healthy eating and weight loss plans.
Mango can be eaten alone as a yummy snack or added to a whole variety of hot and cold foods. Smoothies (try this delish Mango Magic recipe here), salads (we love this summery spinach, mango and walnut one) and snacks all taste great with a bit of mango added.
Commonly grown in the warmer states and territories, these succulent fruits are more than just a sweet treat (though they do taste incredibly delicious!)

The top health benefits of mango
  • Rich in vitamin C. Just 200g of mango (less than one medium sized fruit) contains three times the daily recommended intake of antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C. Vitamin C helps protect the body from infection while also helping the body create collagen, needed for healthy bones and muscles.
  • High in beta-carotene. Aussie mango’s contain more beta-carotene than any other fruit. Beta-carotene is a super powerful anti-oxidant that can help protect the body from disease while also fighting the signs of ageing by helping with the growth and repair of cells, tissues and skin.
  • Low in fat. Half an average sized mango contains around 60 calories, while also containing high levels of beneficial fibre and potassium.
  • Low GI – The one negative of some fruits can be their high GI. Mango on the other hand is a low GI fruit meaning that most of their energy comes from carbohydrates which are then gradually released into the body, keeping blood sugar levels stable.
  • Rich in vitamin A – Mango contains extremely high levels of vitamin A, with one cup of the fruit providing up to 25% of your daily intake. Vitamin A is the most important vitamin for healthy eye sight. Regularly eating foods high in Vitamin A can keep eyes happy and healthy and prevent things like dryness or itching of the eyes
  • Helps with healthy digestion – Digestive enzymes found in mangoes help the body to effectively break down proteins and aid digestion. Eating mango is also reported to have a soothing effect on an upset tummy.

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