Thanks to a raft of high profile celebrities recently promoting their post baby body image the baby weight loss stories are in the media left, right and centre at the moment.
This then leads to a flood of opinion pieces about the post baby body image and celebs putting pressure on ‘normal mums’ to weight and as our company name is “Lose Baby Weight” we thought we should comment too.

The media have a fascination with celebrities and body image. They love running stories on the cover of magazines about celebs losing/gaining weight and guess what – when a mum has a baby she does both of those things, gains and loses weight.


So pregnant and post pregnant women are often the bread and butter to the magazines/media for weight loss stories as there is always going to be a story and pictures to go with it and usually the celebs are happy to be paid for their ‘transformation’ pictures too that we all see time and time again.
Unfortunately, no matter how many of us dislike the ‘Back in her bikini 4 weeks after her baby’ headlines and the like, it would seem that the public do buy these magazines and watch these stories. We can be pretty sure of this as if people don’t read/buy a story then the media outlet wouldn’t keep running it.
But as a nation of voyeurs – we do keep looking. So firstly, if we don’t like what we see, then don’t look/buy it. I know that every time I see the current picture of Kim Kardashian flashing her semi naked body from behind and the world her bare butt cheeks post baby that I turn the TV over as I REALLY don’t want to see this image – whether it is a post baby body shot or not!
We also have to remember that the celebs are insecure. Their bodies are often their pay cheques and so they feel immense pressure to lose weight fast and they want the world to know about it.

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I actually feel sorry for them as instead of enjoying their new bubs they are severely depriving themselves of food and putting themselves through gruelling workouts to get ready to show off their ‘new’ body. How depressing!
Not to mention all the hired help they have – nannies, night nannies (they give you sleep!), chefs, personal trainers, cleaners etc.
So when you do see the celeb stories, take it all with a pinch of salt. They have had to work hard and make a number of sacrifices to look like that and thankfully ‘normal mums’ don’t have that kind of pressure on them so can instead focus on enjoying life with their bub and getting to grips with the rollercoaster ride of being a new mum.
And if you are a fan of celebrities and their weight loss stories post baby, look to the sensible stories – such as Pink who, yes told her story in a mag but was clear that she didn’t start losing weight or focusing on losing weight until her bub was 12 months old. Same goes with other good role models like Jennifer Garner and Drew Barrymore – both of who didn’t rush the weight loss and didn’t make it the most important thing in their life.
Of course, we are big believers in being healthy and making healthy food choices which is good for your mind, body and energy levels but don’t ever compare yourself and your body to anyone else (especially celebrities!) and only ever think about losing your baby weight when you are 100% ready – which for some mums could be well over 12 months after their little bub arrives. You can read more on this here
And if you do decide to lose weight make sure you follow a sensible healthy eating plan which does not cut food groups and is not a fad diet – healthy and realistic is the best thing you can focus on for your health and for your long term weight loss and maintenance.
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