healthy_eatingWe often get asked about breakfast ideas here at Lose Baby Weight.
While we would normally suggest you tuck into a Healthy Mummy Smoothie (see all our recipes here), we understand that some days you might fancy something else with your cuppa.
So today we thought we would take a look at ideas for toast, and the health benefits of each.
Using 2 slices of wholemeal toast (at 180 calories) you can easily check out the calories and nutrition information based on the average amount of spread you would use on top.
In general, you are making a good choice by using a whole food rather than a processed spread.
For instance you can use a whole tomato for less than 30 calories, or a boiled egg has just 73 calories; whereas a tablespoon of peanut butter comes in at 127 calories.
Besides calories, you can also look at the sodium content, sugar content and the fat content.
Nutella is very high in fat, being around 30% fat in total. It is also very high in sugar, being around 54% sugar.
Vegemite, while very low in calories and sugar, is high in salt. Just 10g of the spread has 345mg of sodium. Ham can also be high in salt, with an average 50g serve containing 595 mg sodium.
Jam has a high sugar content, as you would expect. A heaped tablespoon is 15g, and 10g of this is sugar.
Peanut butter is half fat, and around 8% sugar. It also contains protein from the nuts.
Honey, although it is natural, is very high in sugar at 82%.

Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
Everyday Choices

Vegemite (10g) 18 calories
Cottage Cheese Light (30g) 26 calories
Tomato (1 medium) 27 calories
Cream Cheese (20g) 55 calories
Ham (50g) 55 calories
Eggs (1 boiled) 73 calories
Honey (25g) 80 calories
Avocado (1/4) 82 calories
Baked Beans (100g) 91 calories
Banana (1 medium) 99 calories

Sometimes Choices

Jam (15g) 40 calories
Nutella (20g) 105 calories
Peanut butter (20g) 127 calories
Butter (20g) 145 calories
Tasty Cheese Slice (2) 170 calories
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge