Hi, My name is Tasheena, a stay at home mum to 3 kids under 4.5yrs and I have been using the Lose Baby Weight plans for 14 months now and have lost over 43kgs. You can read my latest update here.
Here is my 5 minute Plank workout that gives me great results when I’m short on time. You can do it anywhere you like and all you need is you and a timer. I like to do it on a yoga mat and use my stopwatch on my mobile phone.
I have found planks to be really great for my core and my all over body strength!
In this 5 minute workout* I use my whole body and please note that you can also do this on your knees if it feels more comfortable until you build up your strength. Remember to keep your spine in line, shoulders down and your core tight.
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1) Alternating Push Up Side Plank

  • In plank position do a push up, then move your left arm to the centre and then raise your right arm up to the side and come back down to plank position and repeat with the other side. Do as many as you can do for 1 minute.

2) Mountain Climbers

  • In a plank position raise one knee up to your chest and put your leg back down and repeat with the other leg. Do as many as you can for 1 minute.

plank_hip_touches3) Alternating Hip Touches

  • In a plank position on your elbows alternate from side to side touching the ground with your hips. Do as many as you can for 1 minute.

4) Knee Touches

  • In a plank position on your elbows, bring your knees to the ground and back up. Do as many as you can for 1 minute.

plank_tasheena5) Traditional Plank

  • On your elbows finish your workout with a traditional plank and hold in your core and pelvic floor muscles as tight as you can for 1 minute.

WOW and now you’re done! Or are you? If you have more time do another round or try and challenge yourself and see how many repetitions you can do within the minute for each 5 workouts. If you are looking for more quick workouts join the 28 Day Challenge which has daily workouts made for busy mums to do at home which some with easy to follow videos.
Hope you enjoyed this quick workout.
Tasheena Snow xx (don’t forget to follow me and join me in the 28 Day Challenge )
* Please note that this site is for information only and should not replace any medical advice from a Doctor taken before undergoing any weight loss campaign or change in exercise and diet routine post pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. We also do not recommend any exercise or stomach exercises until you have had full clearance from your Doctor or Physiotherapist post birth – which for mums who have had C-Sections could be many many months post birth and trying to do exercise before you are ready could lead to severe injury.

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