Finding the best way to lose weight for you will make you feel fantastic. A healthy eating diet plan and easy to follow exercise routine are just some of the options Lose Baby Weight provides.
Terrie has been following Lose Baby Weight for a year, has lost 21kgs and feels fantastic.
I’m a mum of 3 (6yo and 3yo twins). I have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans for almost a year now and in that time I have lost 21kgs and feel fantastic!
Before I started this journey I was 84kgs, depressed and wasn’t enjoying my life they way I knew I should be.
I started with two Healthy Mummy Smoothies a day and the weight started to come off and when this happened I noticed my confidence started coming back and my anxiety started to disappear.
I’m doing things I never thought I would be able to do, like run, obstacle courses, and enjoying play time with my kids. I have even signed up for my very first half marathon!!
I am now at 62kg with a few more kilos to lose to get to my goal weight but I have never felt happier than I am right now.
Thanks Rhian and the team at Lose Baby Weight.
Terrie McKenzie xx