This week if I am completely honest has been a hard one for me my mood has been low due to my PND and as a result I did feel like giving up halfway through the week on my weight loss and healthy eating plan.
We all have bad days and this week I just happened to have mine.  The good thing is having that low point has made me even more determined to succeed I do not want the lose baby weight plans to be a short term diet I try but I want it to be a long term lifestyle change.
It is so important to me not only for my physical health but maybe even more importantly my mental health. Thank Goodness for the Lose Baby weight healthy mummy smoothies this week I love having them for breakfast especially because they’re so quick and easy to make and taste great too.
This week I found a new favourite in the hot mocha smoothie with added LSG . I was finding I was really missing my morning coffee or milo and having this instead now is even better.
I didn’t stick to the 28 day meal plan 100% this week, but I still made sure that I was prepared when I was out and about with some healthy food where ever I went. I love that the plan gives you twenty extra snack ideas for you to use as well.
I am really looking forward to trying the Quinoa protein balls – next week it is one of my goals to make them. Before the 28 day plan I had never cooked Quinoa or heard of it now it is used on a weekly basis by the whole family. I love that the 28 day plan has introduced me and my family to new and healthier eating options. My favourite meal/recipe of the week would have to be the vegetarian pizza.
Whilst making it I had my doubts as I had never had a pizza without heaps of grated cheese before. The ricotta was really nice though and I just love sweet potato but had never thought to put it on a pizza before.
This week I was really stoked to find a gym that I was happy with childcare wise as I find it hard to leave my 9 week old boy with anybody but my husband and as my husband works away it was even more important to me to find a place, as I see the hour I spend at the gym when I can get there as my release at the moment. Mummies do not let prices put you off I shopped around and found a place that is not only a very reasonable $12 a week but the childcare is included.
I did my first spin class this week in years and boy was it good for clearing my head.  I was a bit sore but hey at least I know it’s doing something. For the week ahead I have set a goal to do at least three classes- I would really like to give yoga a try.
It was one of my goals from week one to walk more this week and I am pleased to say my children and I have been out walking nearly every afternoon for about an hour.
I used to use the excuse that I could not go walking as I have a four year old who does not walk very far and only a single pram, but this week she has been riding her bike I find it great not only because we can go quite far now but she is also quite fast and I have been making it my challenge to keep up with her. As an added bonus it has been helping to tire her out for bed time as man she has a lot of energy.

This week I have not done as much of the other exercises outlined in the 28 day plan as I would have liked but instead of beating myself up about it I can only strive to try add in more next week.
At the end of week two I weigh in at 71.4kgs ( a loss of 600grm) so on the scales this week it has not been a big loss but I know this week I have been a bit off sorts so to still get a loss is great. I have noticed other things this week that are more important to me like my pants getting looser, and the fact that I have noticed how when I eat all the right healthy foods as well as the lose baby weight healthy mummy smoothies my mood is lifted.
I am hoping in week three to even cut down my coffee in take as once the initial hit wears off I feel blah and just want more but it is not good for my anxiety. I am instead going to try to have four cups of decaff green tea which the 28 day plan suggests as so far I have only been managing one.
I am excited for week three as I have this new determination in me to give it my best shot J

Measurement progress:
  • Start                                     end of week two
  • Waist- 89cm                         83cm
  • Hips- 106.5                           104.5
  • Thigh- 62.5                            61.5
  • Bust- 94                                  94

It was a bonus this week to get some compliments J
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