lose_baby_weightIf you’re one of those people who gets bored of doing the same old exercise every week, you’re in luck.
There’s no need to get stuck in an exercise rut when there are so many fun activities for you to take part in.
How many of these have you tried?

  • Kayaking (266 cals / 45 min) – there are many places to hire kayaks. You can explore secluded beaches and bays, then pull up the kayaks and explore on foot. A great workout for the back and arms.
  • Skipping at moderate pace (531 cals / 45 min) – all those years of skippingin primary school did us a world of good. Skipping burns serious calories! No need to remember all the songs, just grab yourself a rope and get jumping. An all over body workout.
  • Aqua Aerobics (213 cals / 45 min) – not just for the older ladies and their snazzy swimming caps. Many aquatic centres offer classes for all age groups. This is a great exercise post partum as it is very low impact.
  • Scuba Diving (372 cals / 45 min) – feeling a little more adventurous? Head under the sea and explore the world under the sea.
  • Rowing, medium page (213 cals / 45 min) – did you get inspired by the Olympic rowing team to get out there and see what it’s all about? You can try rowing on your own or as part of a team. Again, there are loads of places to hire boats from. Make a day of it and incorporate a picnic lunch in a secluded bay.
  • Body Attack Class (531 cals / 45 min) – get your sweat on in one of Les Mills most famous classes. You’ll burn 531 calories flinging yourself around the room in just 45 minutes. The bad news? The class goes for an hour.


  • Badminton (372 cals / 45 min) – pull out the shuttlecocks, as badminton burns quite a lot more calories than you may have thought. A full body workout, it tones your arms, legs, butt and strengthens your core.
  • Handball (638 cals / 45 min) – those boys in primary school were onto something with this huge calorie burner. Grab a piece of chalk to mark the playing area, and challenge someone under 10 who will most likely get you moving all over the place. No savies.
  • Rockclimbing (585 cals / 45 min) – there is a great sense of achievement when you try something completely new and maybe a little bit frightening. There are many indoor and outdoor centres that offer training and equipment hire.
  • Rollerskating (372 cals / 45 min) – pretend it’s the 70’s and get rolling at one of the few rinks left around town.

Not enough options? What about Hula Hooping, Zumba, Salsa Dancing, Go Karting, Kick Boxing, Jet Skiing…….
* Calories burned depend on your age, weight and sex. The calories above are based on 45 mins of exercise for a 30 year old woman who is 75kg in weight and 170cm tall.

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