healthy_eatingMy 10 commandments for healthy eating

  1. I will eat a healthy breakfast that is high in protein every day, my blood sugar will be more stable and it will set me up for healthier food options throughout the day.(Try the healthy mummy smoothie for a quick and nutrient packed brekkie)
  2. I will not drink more than 2 cups of caffeinated beverages daily, caffeine is considered acidic on the body, if you limit caffeine your body will be under less stress.
  3. I will not consume more than 1000mg of Sodium per day – sodium causes fluid retention which can ultimately look like you’ve gained weight on the scales.
  4. I will eat good quality pasture fed red meat once a week- my iron levels will be maintained, and I will receive other beneficial nutrients such as Zinc, Vitamin E and CLA.
  5. I will not eat take away for dinner more than once a week, that way i know whats in my food as fast food or restaurant food can contain high amounts of trans fats, sugar and sodium.
  6. I will eat fish at least 2 times a week if not take good quality fish oils daily – try the ‘healthy mummy’ fish oils. The long chain essential fatty acids contained in fish oil help carry nutrients around the body, promote fat loss and too many other benefits to mention.
  7. I will not skip any meals, eating 3 main meals and two snacks a day keeps you snacking less on unhealthy foods and can give your metabolism a healthy boost. Stuck for snack ideas? Try the healthy mummy smoothie.
  8. I will not use frozen meals as a substitute for REAL food under any circumstance- too many hidden nasties in them.
  9. I will eat a variety of dark leafy greens every day, if not I will take a greens superfood supplement. This will ensure my body is at a healthy ph level, ensures I maintain a good amount of fibre to promote a healthy gut, bowel and digestive system.
  10. I will allow myself to have a few squares of dark chocolate or whatever my heart desires occasionally, that way I will have no sugar cravings or feel deprived (and the good news is that the healthy mummy dark chocolate treats on the Lose Baby Weight plans come in portion controlled packs so you don’t over eat too!)

This list is not the be all and end all of my diet, but it’s the 10 most important ‘rules’ I unconsciously live by
Written by Elisha Danine, Nutritionist
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