Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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This month we meet Motivating Mum Tasheena Snow who has lost over 20 kilograms on our Lose Baby Weight plans.

Tasheena’s Update

Hey everyone so it’s been a week since my first introduction blog and I weighed myself and the scales haven’t moved but I’m happy as because I measured myself and there has been change!
I have lost this week –
Waist – 1.1cm Down – All up 24 cm
Thighs – 1.9cm Down – All up 15.9cm
Hips – 0.7cm Down – All up 23.9cm
Bust – 0.3cm Down – All up 12.5cm


I’m not going to feel down about the scales not moving as I have learnt that muscle weighs, so I’m putting it to gaining muscle as I have been working out heaps this week and I have been mainly doing the new Healthy Mummy exercise DVD as my youngest is teething and not wanting to get out much (very very whingy) so when he naps I put on the exercise DVD.
The first time I put the DVD on I did the whole 6 workouts which was a killer and I loved it, totally easy to follow and explained really well, plus you are left feeling like you did something in the 15mins like you would if you worked out in a gym for an hour (in my opinion).
I found that the exercises really focused on certain mummy problem areas and they are working for me as I can certainly feel all of my muscles sore the next day especially my buns with all those squats lol.
I have also been doing extra around the house workouts when I find the time, I get a lot of my exercises from the 28 Day Diet Plan like dancing around with the kids, step ups and glute lifts (my kids like to think my legs are a tunnel when I do these lol).
I was able to convince my partner to try some of the healthy recipes through the Spring & Summer Cookbook and 28 Day Plan so I cooked some husband friendly dinners and he enjoyed them especially the Beef and Broccolini Stirfry.
Plus I made some Home made Museli Bars from the Spring & Summer Cookbook, I found them very sweet and delicious, easy and quick to make and kicks that sugar craving. I also made the Sweet-potato Shepard’s Pie from the Lose Baby Weight website recipes and substituted it with kangaroo mince it was a hit we all loved it and more shockingly my partner lol.
Green smoothieI’m really enjoying the healthy mummy smoothies my favourite was the Green Goddess one from the Spring & Summer Cookbook, I find the smoothies make me feel fuller for longer and give me the go I need for the especially in the morning when I really need it. I have been creating my own using coconut water that I bought from Coles for $1.99 which tasted beautiful with the Strawberry Slam Smoothie which is also in the Spring & Summer Cookbook.
When I’m out and about I use my Calorie Bible a lot (I keep it in my bag) it helps make the right choices when you want to stick low calories and I love the snacking suggestion part!
This month I have set some goals,
– To fit my size 14 (one size smaller) dress I got for my friends wedding in November. It’s very tight and I really need to push myself more as I don’t want any bumps showing lol. (This is one of my big goals I hope I can reach)
– I’m a big diet coke addict and although I have cut heaps of it out of my diet this month I’m not going to have any so far I haven’t had one although I was tempted to buy one when I was shopping but I kept walking. Go me!
– I’m going to drink more water, I have filled up an old diet coke 1.25lt bottle and I’m aiming to drink two of them a day.
– Be active everyday even if it is just for 15mins NO EXCUSES!
– To get out more!
See you next week x
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