Hi ladies, It’s been another fortnight and what a rollercoaster!!!
After being stuck in the 80’s I finally broke into the 70’s and lost a massive 3.2kgs in a week going from 80.2kgs to 77kgs and in total I have lost 35kg in 10 months on the Lose Baby Weight Plans
I was being strict and having 2 healthy mummy smoothies a day plus snacking plus using the 28 Day Plan


However after my big loss I had a blunder of a weekend and for 3 nights in a row (which I haven’t done since before starting Lose Baby Weight in mid April last year) I ate PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA and of course garlic bread and drank way toooo much and then went out for dinner and those Pina Coladas kept coming!!! So I put all of the 3.2kgs back on.
Disappointed with myself but definitely not throwing in the towel! I got back on the wagon and did a big 5km walk and kept going with my short workouts throughout the day plus doing the incidental exercises.
I’ve been trying to do 15-20min workouts in the morning either doing my own thing or doing the healthy mummy exercise dvd and then when my younger two are asleep I do a big walk or a run on my treadmill while my oldest watches a movie or does some drawing. Throughout the day I do as many marching steps as I can, usually while I fold the washing. I also try and squat when picking up the never ending toys on the floor and staying up on my feet as much as possible!!!
In doing this throughout this week I have lost another 1.6kgs going from 80.1kgs to 78.5kgs so nearly back to 77kgs 😀
My goal is to get back to 77kgs and aim for 75kgs.

  • To continue doing my incidental exercises throughout the day and aiming for 1000 marches everyday. So good for the butt and thighs!!!
  • To be good to my body and not over do it again as I have a bbq coming up and my 27th BIRTHDAY!!!

Keep going ladies and don’t let any bad day or weekend stop you from reaching your dream goals!!!
Choc bookPlus this week I received my Chocolate Treats & Baking Cookbook which I LOVE!!
Measurements & weight down all up in 10 months on the Lose Baby Weight plans

  • Waist- 38.5cm
  • Hips- 33.8cm
  • Thighs- 28cm
  • Bust- 63.7cm
  • Weight down 35kg

Tasheena  Snow xx
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