Over the weekend, we attended a beautiful wedding for a fellow ranga and her slender man.
And our little wee Evie was invited.
You read that right.
A wedding which allowed small humans to be in attendance.
What a brave couple.
I must admit, I ummmed and ahhhed about the wisdom of taking a five and a half month old whose molars were shifting, and hadn’t had a bowel movement for two days. Babies aren’t very popular in Western culture when it comes to formal occasions. They make noise, they cry, and choose reverent moments to unleash their rage/poop/boredom with varying and mortifying results for the parents.
We dressed her in a sweet little dress before we left for the Church, my husband had the amazing brain wave of putting her bib on so that vomit would not destroy the carefully chosen attire.
Her bag was stuffed to the gills with everything: expressed breast milk, colourful baubles, bonjella, Sofie (the long suffering giraffe), bibs, pureed apple, face cloth and all the usual bottom related items.
We tentatively sat up the back of the Church with two dear friends and their spunky 1 year old, and watched Evie’s eyes sparkle as people clucked, petted and kissed her. The ceremony went off without a hitch, (little one year old yelling “Yay!” and clapping with delight was very sweet, especially as he was wearing a polka dot bow tie), Evie fussed for a moment until a bottle was firmly placed into her mouth, but no dramas.
She charmed the pants off of everyone. She smiled, she cooed, she allowed herself to be held, she worked that room like a professional. She ate, she drank, she was merry.
Until the speeches. The final one. By that time, she’d had enough. She’d sat nicely, she was still clean (if not a little sweaty, but at least baby sweat isn’t pungent like that of a grown person), she was still friendly.
She started her “Bub Bub Bub” repertoire with a distinct naughty gleam in her eyes, rising in octave and decibel, with a smile on her little face. I got the half glare smile from a lady seated nearby (you know the look, like they have eaten a chocolate but at the same time sat in something unpleasant) and tried the mum thing of shushing and jiggling. I ended up holding the dummy in her mouth until speeches were over. Then she passed out. Completely.
People said we had a very well behaved child (I think at 5 and a half months they pretty much do whatever they want, but thanks anyway!), and she slept the whole way home.
As we were changing her for the night, we reflected on the experience, as she played with her toes and pooed quietly all over the change table.(Very grateful that didn’t happen at the wedding…)
It was a successful day all in all, and well done on the Bride and Groom for allowing our little family for sharing in a very special and important day.
This article was written by Beck Hendropurnomo
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