So you’re about to start or you’re already getting organised for the April 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Easter is coming. How are you going to survive with all those sweet temptations and chocolate treats around?
You can still enjoy healthy eating and some sweet treats at the same time and you won’t miss out on any of the family fun this Easter.
Here are some of our top choccie recipes that you can make rather than reaching for a bag of Easter Eggs (and they probably taste a whole lot better and are definitely better for you).
For those who are signed up for the April 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge you can choose from a number of delicious, healthy meals in the recipe hub. Look for the Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns, the Almond & Cacao Fudge (which turns out like a block of fudgey chocolate), the Clever Chocolate Mousse (a rich, chocolate dessert that uses avocados and you wouldn’t even know!) or the Chocolate Bliss Balls (just like popping an Easter Egg in your mouth but loaded with goodness not guilt).
You can also find a huge selection of chocolate and sweet recipes amongst the Lose Baby Weight healthy recipes.
Try the French Chocolate Cake when you’re enjoying a family meal this Easter, a delicious after dinner treat, or the healthy Homemade Chocolates which would make perfect gifts for family and friends rather than the choccies found on the supermarket shelves.
For something really decadent make the Chocolate Fudge Bites and serve as an afternoon snack or to share with the kids rather than loading them up on too much processed sugar.
Have a look here for some more healthy chocolate recipes including the Double Chocolate Cannellini Cookies and the Chocolate Raspberry Ripple Cake.
But Easter isn’t all just about chocolate, it’s also about getting together with your family and friends and having some time out. When choosing recipes to make for everyone or to take to a BBQ over the Easter break think healthy and easy.
Try the Three Ingredient Leg of Lamb for Easter Sunday lunch and serve with a great salad or some roast vegetables.
If going to a BBQ or a friend’s house for a meal, take a selection of homemade dips or healthy snacks like the ones found here.
Good Friday is traditionally a day to eat seafood and that’s great as it’s really good for you. So try the Fish with Butter Sauce & Apple Coleslaw from the April 28 Day Challenge or the Fish En Papillote from the Challenge Recipe Hub.
You can also include some exercise over the Easter long weekend. Get up in the morning and go for a walk or run and enjoy the change of season weather. Do an exercise routine from the 28 Day Challenge before you get into the Easter activities and then you’ll feel really motivated to continue with your healthy weight loss plan.
Get the whole family involved with some exercise – go down to the beach for a walk or play a game at the park and you’ll not only be exercising but also doing what Easter is all about – spending time with people you love.
Remember that eating well to lose weight doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of all your favourite foods. Just choose a healthier alternative and eat in moderation so that you can easily participate in the Easter celebrations and have a great time with your family and friends.
Happy Easter!
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