Lose_baby_weightWhen I decided to lose my pregnancy weight and follow a healthy eating plan, I spent a lot of time looking at the Lose Baby Weight website and Facebook site, very much the attitude of “why do today, what I can put off till tomorrow!”.
As a mum of two, a four year old and a 28 week old for me meant I was busy with busyness and not finding time to sit and think about me and my health or my pregnancy weight loss.
I was carrying more weight than I ever had and, no clothes were fitting and seemed to live in my tracksuit!
I was primarily concerned about how going onto the plans and the Healthy Mummy smoothies would affect my breastfeeding as it had taken a while for my daughter and I to “get it”, and I didn’t want to affect it.
I took the plunge and ordered the Basic Pack and the 28 Day Plan, after reading more about how good it would be for me, and how it wouldn’t affect my breastfeeding – which I am happy to say they didn’t effect my breastfeeding at all and I was so happy to find a breastfeeding safe diet plan.
Going on the Lose Baby Weight plans and Healthy Mummy smoothies fired me up! The smoothies give me that much needed energy boost first thing in the morning, no matter how my night was! I am now out every day walking between 5 – 6kms a day and feel bad if I don’t  – who says you need a gym!!
I have reached my GOAL –  I have lost 8.5kgs in 8 weeks, but most excitedly 16 cms off my waist! The program is not just about the weight loss, but about getting out, getting healthy and doing something for me!
I have much better higher energy level and sleeping better – which is fantastic for everyone in my family! Thank you Lose Baby Weight!
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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