I have been on my pregnancy weight loss journey since November, I embraced everything I could from lose baby weight, the 28 day diet & exercise plan has been my bible, the healthy mummy smoothies have been my saviour.  The facebook updates as welcoming to me as hearing from family.
lindaThe journey has been incredible! I was motivating mum of the month for March and enjoyed every second of it. I exercised daily ate healthy, enjoyed my daily healthy mummy smoothie/s!
And to date I have lost over 42kg on the Lose Baby weight plans – you can see my weight loss story here where I talk about my journey.
But back in April my weight loss just stopped. I felt disappointed my lounge work outs weren’t doing what they had previously been doing.
My daughter had surgery that week to have her tonsils removed which in advance I knew would mean I would be hospital bound and house bound for 2 weeks.
I made a goal at this stage to not sit down from the moment of getting out of bed to the moment my children were all put to bed. Obviously I sat occasionally to feed my baby but more often I stood.
The first 2 days doing this were the hardest, toward the end of the day I would sit for 30 seconds at a time to take the pressure off. When I made it out of hospital with my daughter and we were home I all of a sudden could not believe that I was happy to be standing, I was amazed at the house work I was getting done.
I was standing around my house on a mission to not sit down and was finding things to do because it was much easier to keep moving than to stand completely still.
I was getting things done just by making a goal to not sit. I had only managed 2 walks in 2 weeks and nothing further in the way of exercise, I could not see any way how I would be making any progress to my weight loss. I was thrilled when I got on the scales and saw 73.8kgs I had lost 2kgs further just standing and moving around in place of relaxing on the sofa but doing several work outs in a week.
In no way was this a easy option or the easy way out as I had to consciously make an effort to stand or not lean. Pace (if I was stuck in a hospital room) rock on my feet. It was surprisingly easy to adjust to and such a small change.
My total weight loss so far – 42kg
I moved my 8 month olds high chair, clipped to the dinning chair to the bench stool so that I could stand up and feed her. Getting out the car when arriving somewhere if there was any wait time. I use to spend hours a day just sitting in the car. I am wearing my runners everywhere because they needed the support.  I am actually loving it and plan to continue with this as I have seen positive results in my weight loss, in my dress size, in my productivity, in my mental state feeling like I did absolutely everything I could in day.
I have also loved that I no longer feel like a couch potato but like a productive mother making the most of every second. And more than anything I have never slept so well.
Take the pledge with me and see the results!
And I have now been on the Mornings TV show with Lose Baby Weight – you can see me on TV below
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