Hi all, My name is Sarah Breuker and I have two beautiful children, Rachel who is 2 and a half years old and Thomas who is almost 10 months old. I am soo excited to be one of the Lose Baby Weight motivating mums of the month!
My weight is something that I have struggled with since I was a teenager and though I have fluxed up and down over many years nothing seemed to stick and I would always end up worse off than I started. When we got married I was at my lowest weight in a while and then we got pregnant straight away and I didn’t look after myself so well- I would lie on the couch all day and give in to every naughty craving. I put on 11kgs over my pregnancy.
Post birth I had no time to myself, I would sit on the couch breastfeeding my daughter and found myself eating non-stop. I didn’t have the time or energy for exercise and my weight just went up and up while my fitness and health suffered. I found myself struggling with postnatal depression and a constant lack of energy.
9.5 months post birth I saw a photo of myself and wanted to throw up I was so depressed at how big I had let myself become. I weighed 121.5kgs at this stage and that was the biggest I had ever been. I discovered the Lose Baby Weight site through Facebook and due to lack of $ my husband and I decided we would just start with the 28 day diet & exercise plan. I took my before photo and started my journey in June 2012. The food was amazing even when I did have to modify a few recipes because my husband and I don’t eat fish/seafood due to allergies (and dislikes).
The first 3 days were the hardest, I craved chocolate, soft drinks and lollies and all the other goodies that my body had gotten used to. But soon I started to lose weight I started to see a difference in my body and mind too. After 2.5 months I had lost a huge chunk of weight- 12kgs to be exact! So much of that was just from eating fast food all the time! (I was featured at this point of my journey on the LBW site https://www.losebabyweight.com.au/sarah-loses-12kg-in-2-months/ ). I continued my weight loss journey and then I fell pregnant (much to our surprise it took us a few months to fall pregnant this time around) I had lost 16kgs (https://www.losebabyweight.com.au/sarah-loses-16kg/ ) and was not going to give up my healthy lifestyle just because I was going to get fat again with another baby.
So I exercised and ate very well the entire way through my pregnancy. I didn’t have any issues with the glucose test this time around and I had so much more energy- it wasn’t until the last few weeks that I started to feel tired and I had to stop exercising because I got low blood pressure. Over my pregnancy I only gained 6.5kgs (Of which my baby boy was 4kgs!) so after my pregnancy I have taken my time and still eaten well and about 3 months ago I had gotten back to a place where I feel comfortable to push ahead with the weight loss and exercising. Through just healthy eating (following the Lose Baby Weight recipes) I have already lost all the weight I gained through my 2nd pregnancy and am well on the way to being back at my pre-pregnancy weight (97kgs) of my 1st.
To date I have lost 18.3kgs and currently weigh in at 103.2kgs. I have set myself a mini-goal of 101kgs which will bring me to a total of 20kgs lost since I started my journey (And my hubby is rewarding me with a professional full body massage for reaching that goal!!) My ultimate goal is to be less than 100kgs by my husbands birthday and 85kgs by our wedding anniversary in October, or well before then! Which I know is totally do-able… I am already halfway. If you had told me 18kgs ago that I would have lost this much weight I would have literally laughed in your face.. but it IS possible, I DID do it and I am NEVER going back to the size I was ever again (in fact I have already thrown away my old clothes as I am already down two sizes! I am THAT committed to keeping it off).
I am really looking forward to getting on with my goal and motivating a few people along the way this month. I know how hard it is to take the first step and to get through the first week. But February is a great month to start… It is THE shortest month of the year and if you can commit to sticking to the Lose Baby Weight products and exercising regularly with me this month it is going to make a huge difference that you wont want to go back to where you are now! Lets kick some fatty butt this month and make it the best new year we can! New Years resolutions fade but its a new month and its a new day. Lets get into it!
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