pregnancy_weight_lossHi Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight team,
My weight was something that I have always struggled with. After high school I had gained a lot of weight and then through hard work and exercise I lost it all just before my wedding.
Then we got pregnant in the first month after getting married and I didn’t look after myself so well- I would lie on the couch all day and give in to every naughty craving. I put on 11kgs over my pregnancy and then it just got worse and worse.
Post birth I had no time to myself, I would sit on the couch breastfeeding my daughter and eating and eating day and night (and certainly not the good sorts of food). I didn’t have the time or energy for exercise and my weight just went up and up while my fitness and health suffered. I found myself struggling with postnatal depression and a constant lack of energy.
9.5 months post birth I saw a photo of myself and wanted to throw up I was so depressed at how big I had let myself become. I weighed 121.5kgs. I discovered the Lose Baby Weight site and Healthy Mummy smoothies through Facebook and due to lack of $$$ my husband and I decided we would try the 28 day diet & exercise plan. The food was amazing. I modified a few recipes because my husband and I don’t eat fish/seafood due to allergies and just pure dislike but the rest I followed to the letter.
I found the first 3 days the hardest, I craved chocolate, soft drinks and lollies and all the other goodies that my body had gotten used to.
I lost 5kgs in the first 3 weeks and then another 7kgs over the next 7 weeks.  But best of all I have found that I rarely struggle with postnatal depression anymore and I have so much more energy and a better milk supply. I need to lose another 5kgs before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight and I am aiming to lose another 20kgs in total which I think will put me into a healthy range for my body type.

New jeans!

I would just also like to thank you for the $100 gift card, I was able to buy myself some new jeans as my old ones were getting to be huge on me, though my pre-pregnancy ones don’t quite fit just yet. It made me feel so confident to know that I’ve dropped almost 2 sizes. Down from a size 22/20 to now being a 20/18 and I also bought my first proper bra since wearing maternity ones for almost 1.5 years now.
To date now I have lost 12kgs in 2.5 months! 😀 I have been soo amazed at how quickly it has all fallen off me! Even some of my stretch marks are going away. I have attached my photo update in the hope that it can give some others inspiration. I have a lot more left to lose and tighten and tone but I am soo happy with my progress.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Sarah Breuker
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