I have been on the lose baby weight pregnancy weight loss plans for about four weeks now and all I can say is WOW!
My starting weight was 88kilos, I have lost 4kilos so far, I still have 11kilos to go untill I reach my goal weight. (hoping to get to my goal by christmas!)
Not only has the lose baby weight plans been great for my weight loss it has done amazing things for my milk supply and has helped to increase my milk supply – and I am so happy to have found a breastfeeding safe diet
After a week on the healthy mummy smoothies my milk was a lot fuller and I feel I just have so much more energy also my daughter has become so much more content after feeds, another benefit is my nails and hair are stronger and healthier than they have ever been!
Everything about this weight loss plan has so far been great! And its so flexible, iv never known of a diet where chocolate is ok to have on ocasion! 🙂 😀
I would deffinately recommend the lose baby weight plans and smoothies to every woman, its just so simple and easy and the best part is the meals are ‘family friendly’ my partner and eldest daughter LOVE the meals, and I absolutely love the smoothies they are easy, tasty and perfect for my busy lifestyle. (plus they give me such an energy boost to help get me through the day)
I want to thank Lose Baby Weight and all the people who have helped develop these amazing Healthy Mummy plans. I’v never had these kinds of great results with any other diets I’ve tried in the past! THANKS, Samantha Foster !! XX
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