lose_baby_weightWhen you are trying to lose weight, eating well and moving more should be on the top of your priority list.
But when you have other priorities to juggle – kids, partner, work, the house, family commitments…it can be easy to make excuses not to look after yourself – which is one of the big reasons we made our EASY to fit into your day Exercise DVD.
And when it comes to exercise we are all guilty of coming up with a trillion excuses not to do it.
So today we have put together a list of 20 reasons why you SHOULD strap on your sneakers and do some exercise today (…not tomorrow).

  1. In a few month’s time the clothes you are wearing to work out will probably be too big
  2. Getting some fresh air always makes you feel better, even if you’ve had a tough day or night with very little sleep
  3. Exercising will give you more stamina in order to keep up with your kids
  4. Being active and getting fit can increase your sex drive (and that’s exercise too!)
  5. You are being a great role model to your kids and showing them that a healthy lifestyle is something to be valued
  6. It’s important to have some time to yourself, and exercise is something that others will understand is important to you
  7. Exercise will improve your metabolism which means that your body will work more efficiently to lose weight
  8. It clears your head and gives you a chance to think through anything that is troubling you
  9. Exercise not only helps you to lose weight, it also helps to keep off any weight that you’ve already lost
  10. It can reduce the likelihood of anxiety and depression, as well as fatigue
  11. All that blood pumping through your body can actually help with your brain function and memory
  12. It will release endorphins (the feel-good hormone) which can improve your mood and keep your energy levels up
  13. Your kids deserve to have a healthy and happy mum to support them and love them for many many years to come
  14. It’s a great chance to catch up with a friend if you have a workout buddy
  15. You will burn more calories even when you are resting, especially if you do some form of resistance training
  16. It can help you deal with stress and can also reduce your risk of illness
  17. Exercise can help to speed up the recovery process after injury
  18. It can help to improve your flexibility and motion, especially if you commit to doing some stretches afterwards
  19. Working out can be fun, especially if you train with a friend or take part in a team sport such as netball or touch football
  20. It will help you get a good night’s sleep*

* sorry, we can’t guarantee that your kids will allow this to happen

Exercise At Home

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