Product – Queen Bee Quack nursing top

Category – Nursing wear post pregnancy

Cost – $74.95

Where purchase from – various retailers in Australia plus online

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Lose Baby Weight belly wrap ratings – 4.5 stars out of 5

I have been breastfeeding for over 5 weeks now and my little man feeds regularly and often – I can’t wait for his little tummy to grow more so he can take in more milk and hopefully be less demanding in the middle of the night with the constant feeds (a point to note too is that breast feeding is great for losing baby weight with the average mum burning 500 calories a day). The broken night sleep and exhaustion during the day are just overwhelming at times and my life has now turned into a constant stream of feeding my bub, looking after my bub, doing endless amounts of washing, trying to tidy up, expressing milk, trying to feed myself (thank God for my Lose Baby Weight smoothies!),fitting in exercise, trying to make dinner for my hubby when he comes home from work, walking my dog and running my Lose Baby Weight business – I am exhausted just thinking about it!!

So when I get up in the morning I need something comfy and practical to wear to get me through the day and to give my little baby easy access to my milk. When I was in hospital I started using the Queen Bee Quack nursing top and it has been a regular feature in my daily attire since then. It is great as it comes down to your bum so great at hiding your post baby belly and it hangs on the body well – not so tight that it clings to your adjusting belly and not so loose that it resembles a tent! The slits over the breasts make it super easy to feed your baby without having to whip your top off or change clothes every time your baby is hungry – so perfect for a demanding new born and sleep deprived mum.

I only wish I had bought more in different colours as I have to wash it constantly but the good news is that it holds its shape and colour in the wash – even when I am tumble drying it every other day – if only all my other clothes lasted so well!