As we have talked about many times before, snacking is good on your healthy eating plan and good if you are trying to lose pregnancy weight – plus snacking is essential if you are breastfeeding and are on our breastfeeding safe diet.
So as well as already listing lots of healthy eating snack ideas here – we have now listed below a collection of power snacks under the 50 calorie mark so you have easy extra snacks to have for a quick boost at any time of day – including if you are hungry when you are up in the night feeding your little one.

20 Snacks under 50 calories
  1. 100g of cherries
  2. 75g of fresh mango
  3. 12 seedless grapes
  4. 1 small apple
  5. 1 medium pear
  6. 100g fresh pineapple
  7. 200g of melon
  8. 150g of strawberries
  9. 2 dried apricots
  10. 20g of sultanas
  11. 1 small banana
  12. 1 kiwi fruit plus 5 grapes
  13. 2 satsumas
  14. 2 plums
  15. 1/2 a grapefruit
  16. 1 whole papaya
  17. 150g of fresh fruit salad
  18. 1 large peach
  19. 5 almonds
  20. 1 boiled egg
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