healthy_snacking_pregnancy_weight_lossSome so called weight loss diets advise fast weight loss and advise eating very little each day – and often under 800 calories which in our opinion is CRAZY!!
These diets claim to have you lose 5-6kg a week and often they are extreme high protein diets and if you do manage to stay on them for more than a week you are grumpy, tired and ready to attack your nearest and dearest – plus these are very unhealthy for you as too much protein puts a huge amount of pressure on your kidneys and leads to a raft of side effects.
Firstly your body needs a wide range of food and nutrients for energy and to be healthy – without this it you will feel energyless, listless, grumpy and hungry all the time!  Plus if you are breastfeeding, it is crucial to follow a sensible healthy eating plan and a breastfeeding safe diet.
And on the Lose Baby Weight plans we do not believe in starvation or cutting out food groups. Instead you have easy to make smoothies with our nutrient dense Healthy Mummy Smoothies, eat lots of real food and meals and snack lots during the day.
Snacking is essential for keeping you feeling energised, taking in nutrients during the day, boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight. But there is a big difference between healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks.  If you eat processed junk food as snacks it will not help your health or energy or weight loss but choose healthy snacks and you will give your health and weight loss a boost and not feel like you are even on a ‘diet’.
Some of our favourite snacks are things like raw veggies dipped into hummous, fruit with greek yoghurt, sardines on wholegrain toast, cottage cheese on ryvitta topped with sliced capsicum – all delicious, healthy and easy to prepare.
The key to successful snacking is always making sure you plan ahead and have the right foods in your kitchen – the minute you are disorganised and run out of good foods and instead find junk food you will start to fall off the healthy eating wagon. Which is why we always advise to no keep any junk in your house.
Watch our video below with Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume on why snacking is good and get her favourite snacking ideas – plus click here to see hundreds of snack ideas.
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