I decided to send in my PND story after reading another story on your site and wanted to share my own story to help others who may be in the same position.
I had my baby girl when I was 35 and I took 12 months off on maternity leave. I had a fantastic life. A beautiful baby and she slept well. A great husband. A nice house. I did not have financial issues and all in all life was good.
Then one day when my baby was 4 months old I woke up feeling CRAP. I felt like I was having the worst case of PMT imaginable and I felt like a thick fog was over my head and I felt really down. I figured it would pass and put it down to a bad night sleep. But it didn’t go and it just got worse. 
I didn’t want to do anything. I just sat their in my house not knowing what was wrong with me. I didn’t care about anything. I also stopped taking any care of myself. I ate cakes, biscuits, chips every day and I knew it wasn’t healthy but I didn’t care – I just wanted to feel some comfort and in my mind that was the solution. I didn’t leave the house and I didn’t want to see anyone or speak to anyone. Infact I pretty much hated everyone and everything. I didn’t even want to go on Facebook as I found myself feeling hatred towards friends photos of their happy families and happy status updates!
I felt totally miserable and I started feeling like I wasn’t taking care of my baby so I got a nanny to help a couple of days a week and on those days I just lay in bed feeling miserable.  I started gaining weight and I looked ill.  My hair and skin were in the worst state they had been and after 6 weeks of this my husband started getting really worried so after many a row with him I went to see my Doctor.

PND Diagnosis

They quickly diagnosed me with PND and advised me to go on anti depressants – which would mean I had to stop breastfeeding. And as much as my plan had been to breastfeed for 12 months I knew that the way I was feeling was not good for me or my baby. So I started to wean my baby and 2 weeks later I reluctantly began anti depressants.
I would like to say that the anti depressants were the BEST THING I did!.  After 7 days I woke up and felt like a new person. It was like the cloud was lifted. My eyes were brighter by head was lighter and I just cried in happiness that the thunder that was surrounding me was gone.
I then started getting everything back on track. I cancelled my nanny so it was me just me and my little girl. I started going for a walk every day. I started seeing friends again. I joined a mothers group. I started following the lose baby weight plans plus am having the healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast every day. And so far 10 weeks have passed and I feel really good. I feel I have got the old me back and I have lost 7kg which I feel good about – thank you for creating such easy and healthy plans to follow – they have made the world of difference to my confidence.
I understand that anti depressants are not for everyone but for me they have been amazing and I have not looked back.
Thank you to Jane for sharing her story and we are very happy she is feeling so much better. If you would like to write for the Lose Baby Weight site please click here for details
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