Hi everyone, I can’t believe that it is now November.  In my last post I was so so so happy to reach my goal weight and have lost over 25kg.
2 days later we went on a family holiday to the Gold Coast for 5 days. I couldn’t take my blender so for the first time ever I didn’t have my healthy mummy smoothies (which I missed) but I still ate healthy, every night I made the Bircher muesli from the 28 day plan to have for breakfast and the rest of the family had cereal, quick easy and healthy.
I also planned all my snacks out so we wouldn’t have to buy unhealthy ones especially from the theme parks and also a great way to save money, some were  boiled egg on Ryvita, Apple and 10 nuts, yoghurt  and strawberries, cheese and grapes and peanut butter on Ryvita with banana.
The kids had fruit salad and crackers and popcorn which we made at home. We ate out most of the time for lunch and dinner and I had steak and salad, chicken salad wraps and chicken, avocado and pesto salad. I didn’t do any exercise but went for a walk every morning and we walked a lot. We had a fantastic time.
You can still go away and be healthy and have a great time. Planning is the key.
After we got home and I weighed myself I was so happy to see on the scales that I hadn’t gained any weight or lost any I maintained my weight loss if 25.1 kilos. I didn’t do my measurements this week.
Then a busy weekend at home straight back into my healthy mummy smoothies and yummy dinners from the 28 day plan sang Choy bow and warm beef salad from the spring/summer cookbook then all the family got sick.
I couldn’t do much well anything but rest and just stick to my smoothies and when I was feeling better started back walking and had dinner for breakfast poached eggs with avocado and tomato on soy and Lin seed from the 28 day plan.
A few days later and back to normal, I was down but I am never out, so back to my exercises the lose baby weight DVD and exercises from the 28 day plan and we are doing all the yummy dinners from the 28 day plan again  we had beef kebabs with salad and Thai beef salad. We’ll I weighed in and at too my surprise had lost 0.5g bringing my total loss to 25.6 kilos.
I will be maintaing  my weight and sticking to my yummy smoothies and meals from lose baby weight. This is a change of lifestyle and me and my family have benefited so much
We’ll my time as Motivating Mum is finally at a end I have enjoyed the last 5 months sharing my story with you all and seeing everyone’s results.
Thank you to Rhian and Lose baby weight  for their wonderful weight loss plans and support.
Remember it takes time but is worth it, just look at my before and after photos I am proof that it works.
I will still be around posting my food and smoothies and I will keep you up to date epically though Christmas.
So thank you to all the wonderful mummy’s. Nik xxx
Stated lose baby weight – 18/3/13

  • Weight 73 kilos
  • Bust 105 cm
  • Hips 110 cm
  • Waist 108 cm
  • Thighs 56 cm
  • BMI  29.62
  • Size 14

Now – 1/11/13

  • Weight 47.4
  • Bust 78cm
  • Hips 78 cm
  • Waist 70 cm
  • Thighs 48 cm
  • BMI 19.23
  • Size 8

Total loss 25.6 kilos
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