Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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And here we have Nicole Daniels as one of our Motivating Mums.  Mum of two Nicole has lost 15.2kg with the Lose Baby Weight plans. And below is this week’s motivation post – and check out her fantastic results!
“Well this is my last post for June but I am back on board as a motivating mum for July.
This week things had finally settled down and back to normal as it can be with 2 kids.
We managed to go for a walk everyday even with same rain and now go 40-45 mins thanks to my daughter who loves riding her bike. It’s great to get outside and do something my kids love while getting exercise.
core workI’m still doing my 200 squats everyday and have increased my workout from the 28 day plan to 40 min by working on my core,love planking and added jumping jacks and other exercises from the lose baby weight website and increased my reps on ones like rear leg raises and crunches. And still doing my half n hour with weights and a chair 2 days a week and skipping at the end of my workouts it’s hard work but gets your heart going.
This week we had 3 dinners of vegetation and well as some of our favs from the 28 day plan love the beef stir fry and marinated lamb.
And every weekend we are still making soup from the winter warmer plan. This week we made spicy sweet potato and carrot and froze in the freezer for later and we had the broccoli, fennel and leek soup again as it was so yummy.
And I look forward to making another soup on the weekend. the lose baby weight soups are a quick and healthy dinner for this cold weather. Just reheat on the stove and ready to go and my 7 month old son loves them.
We baked up a storm on the weekend me and my daughter made banana bread and carrot muffins from the lose baby weight website. Everyone loved them and a great and healthy snack. Can’t wait to make something new on the weekend
I still love the healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch and love trStirfryying the ones that come up on Facebook and having my favs and trying out new ones like mango, spinach and strawberry healthy mummy smoothie mix.
Well the big news if the week I reached my second and big goal for the month.
I have lost over 15 kilos. And now am a size 10. And the healthiest and fittest I have ever been in my life.
My weight loss

  • 57.8 kg down 0.8
  • For this month 5.2
  • And with lose baby weight overall I  have lost
  • 15.2 kilos.

My stats are

  • Bust 91cm down 1cm
  • Hips 92cm down 2cm
  • Waist 86cm down 2cm

I look forward to continuing my journey with you all next month.
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