I can’t believe I have now passed 8 weeks with my baby – he is growing so fast it is crazy – it is so good to see him developing and it does just get better and better and not sure if I am just getting used to the tiredness or he is sleeping more but I am certainly coping better!
ILose_weight_fast caught up with my friend this week too who had a gorgeous little boy 2 weeks ago he is currently 3.4kg and my little fatty boomba Kai is now 6kg and he looks like a giant next to him – it is funny to think he was that small too a few weeks ago – it is true what people keep saying to me – they do grow up so fast!  I love him getting bigger and older too – even though I am not a stresser about him, there is always worry at the back of your mind about illness and bad things happening and the bigger he gets the more robust I feel his body is getting and better equipped to deal with any nasties that come his way.

The heat in Sydney has been hideous this week and the news says that it has been the hottest week on record and one day hit 43 degrees which they say was the hottest February day in 85 years – and boy did we feel it!  Me, hubby, Kai and our little dog Zippee struggled to stay cool and going outside for walks was just impossible!  So we all spent the week indoors trying to keep cool except on Saturday when we went to a venue outside of Sydney where a mums and bubs expo was on and I was giving a talk on nutrition and post baby weight loss – that day was the hottest day that week and it was like being in a sauna!!
This meant that my exercise bike and vibration machine got a good work out as well as my weight loss exercise routine.  I don’t really like my exercise bike though- I find it boring and I seem to put in a lot of effort for little gain but I did get in a few sessions – I try and just do 5 minutes at a time on it rather than doing much more as this makes it more manageable physically and mentally.  I did ten minutes a day on my vibration machine too – which I don’t mind doing at all and mentally it feels very satisfying that only 10 minutes on it is giving my body a big workout (the experts say 10 mins is the same as 1 hour in the gym!) and I really do feel a big difference in my legs for the rest of the day – as in they feel like jelly and very tired which means they must have been worked!
The heat meant we had to postpone our Sydney Centennial Park walking group which was a BIG SHAME as I was really looking forward to that – but I am excited about it going ahead this week now that the weather has cooled.  What I am also really excited about is we now have listings for over 20 mums and bubs walking groups all over Australia as this will just be fantastic for mums to get together to exercise once a week (most are taking place on Tuesdays at 11.00am but check with the organiser on our site as a couple are on at different times) and make friends.  It can be hard sometimes to find the motivation to exercise but knowing you will have fun on the walking groups, chat to other mums and make friends is such a great motivator to get your butt moving and out of the house.
My weight loss meal plans this week was lots of salads for my dinners and for my breakfast and lunch time nutritional smoothies I packed in even more ice than usual to cool me down.  My favourite smoothie and weight loss shake recipe this week was for a blackberry smoothies after I found frozen blackberries in the supermarket.
Blackberry smoothie

  • 1 cup of frozen blackberries
  • 2 tablespoons of berry shake
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds
  • 1 tablespoon of psyllium hulks
  • 2 tablespoons of millet meal
  • LOTS OF ICE (I used 10 cubes!)
  • 100 ml of water and 100 ml of light rice milk

All blended together – YUM.

Weight loss this week was another 400g which was the same as last week – and as I get down to my last 4 kg to lose I think it is going to get tougher as the last few kg is also the most stubborn but I am continuing sticking to the Lose Baby Weight weight loss plans religiously!  I was amazed this week when I got all the mums weight loss success stories in too, to see that this week of the 168 mums who sent me their stats – the total collective weight loss was 220kg – that is an average weight loss of 1.3kg per mum – amazing stuff!  You can read about some of the results on our weight loss stories page
And of course I can’t write about this week without mentioning the Biggest Loser starting – that show is so addictive!  It is unbelievable how heavy some of the contestants are and the diets they have been eating – one of the women was eating a whole packet of brie cheese cut in half and put in a sandwich!!  The calories in that would be SHOCKING – and that was a snack!  It is really sad though as although they obviously like eating they are also very upset at what they look like but can’t seem to stop.  I think that food becomes an addiction and that the body becomes addicted to the short sharp hits of sugar that all the junk provide and combined with a lack of education on healthy eating as well as how to break their bad habits they just can’t get themselves out of the vicious circle and eat more as they become more depressed.  And of course all of the terrible junk food advertising is on the TV 24/7 and so the bad food is always paraded in front of them.  The new KFC ad that aired this week showed a women in a park eating – what looked like – a healthy snack of crackers and spread – and the ad then said “the pigeons called and they want their food back – KFC bucket deal $9.95”.  INCREDIBLE – so KFC are mocking people who eat healthily and telling them to eat a bucket full of saturated fat, additives, sugar and all kinds of other nasties instead.  I could rant on this subject a lot but I will control myself and stop here 😉
Not sure what week 9 will bring but hopefully the cooler weather will stay and the freak weather in QLD and VIC will stay away so people can rebuild their homes and lives after all the destruction they have had to go through and cope with.
And don’t forget that we are running a cute baby photograph competition at the moment where you can win $200 in Baby Bunting vouchers so send in pics of your bubba to [email protected].