Wow! What  busy week I have had!  Even though the wonderful midwife Jackie came to my house for two nights on Sunday and Monday (you can read about what happened here) it feels like ages ago as I have done so much!  My lose baby weight business is SUPER busy and  I have been run off my feet with writing articles for newspapers, magazines and online sites on how mums can lose their baby weight which is great but it means I have to be very organised and work like a speed demon to get it all done when Kai is sleeping or when his nanny Marie Charlotte is here for a few hours a day – I definitely couldn’t do so much if she wasn’t here to keep my little man entertained for a few hours 3 days a week – it really does make a big difference with time!
I really enjoy being busy though and it is very satisfying to be building a great business but also to be helping so many mums lose weight.  Other than being able to stay at home and be with Kai each day, what I love most about my job is the emails I get from the mums on the plans telling me about how much weight they have lost, how much energy they now have and how much healthier they now are.
There are so many uplifting stories and it is really amazing what losing 10-20kg will do for someone’s self confidence and it really makes me feel like I am doing something good – I just wish I had started doing it years ago! 
Jackie emailed me on Saturday to ask how Kai was going sleeping in his cot in the day time and the answer was that it was tough.  I could usually get him down first thing in the morning after about 15 mins of ssshhhhing and patting but he didn’t sleep longer than 45 mins and the rest of the day was even tougher getting him to go down and there were many crying fits – but at least he was going down sometimes which was a much better state of affairs and he was sleeping better in the night waking 2 times a night as opposed to 3 or 4 times so I was definitely feeling better!
Weightloss is going good this week and thanks to my Lose Baby Weight plans and my daily smoothies I am now only 500g off my 52kg pre pregnancy weight which I am super happy about.  It is definitely tougher to lose it the closer to my goal I get so I have been doing more walks this week and making sure I wear my ankle weights when I go.  I also make sure I do extra exercises when I am on my walks like bench dips and squats – you can watch my video I did of this below.

Hopefully next week I will hit my goal and when I do I will bring you my before and after shots!!