Losing_baby_weightThis week has been a busy week and I have needed to be super organized to stay on track with the Lose Baby Weight plans.  I made sure my freezer was jammed packed full of frozen raspberries and frozen blueberries for my smoothies so I didn’t need to take another trip to the supermarket in the week.  And I also stocked up on lots of good food for the week so I was prepared for all evening meals and snacks.

The Sydney Centennial walking group was great this week and after I worked up a sweat I met my very pregnant friend (she was due this week) for some lunch.  It was also the first time she had met little Kai and the naughty little boy was sick all over her when she had a cuddle!  It was so good to see her and I can’t wait to meet her baby when she gets here!
I also was persuaded by two of my friends to go for a pedicure with Kai which I was really reluctant to do as I was convinced he would scream the place down but he ended up being quite well behaved and my two girlfriends were very very nice and took turns holding him when I got my toes done which was great – plus they got Kai a FABULOUS present – a sit and go train – which I can’t wait until he is old enough to tear up the place on!
Plus this week I started the first Family Capers Families in Business networking group which is a great way to connect to other mums and dads in business and network – we will be having it every 3rd Thursday in Centennial Park so come along if you are in Sydney – the next one is April 21.
As I have been so hectic this week – apart from my walking group on Tuesday, my exercise was mostly done in my apartment after 9.00pm when Kai had gone to sleep and consisted of lots of core exercises and doing ten minutes on my powerplate – but even though I wasn’t doing as much walking as possible I still lost 800g – hoorah!!