Exercise_and_losing_baby_weightWeek 13 saw me turn 33 – can’t believe I am getting so old!  But I was determined not to let my birthday distract me from my end goal when I am getting so close to my pre pregnancy weight so on my birthday I still went on my walking group at Centennial Park which was great fun then I took my naughty little dog to the park so I could do some extra exercises and he then decided to give himself a little mud bath as it was so hot!  Then I had my smoothie for lunch – I had my favourite flavour raspberry and blueberry which was super yummy then relaxed in the afternoon reading trashy magazines.
It is funny – before I had Kai I used to read magazines but since he was born I have not read one as I just don’t have the time – plus all the celebs and their sillyness do kind of bore me now – but still it was nice to have a giggle at all the silly pictures and stories in the gossip mags for a couple of hours.  Then in the evening we had a super tasty takeaway from Waggamamma – beef chilli salad (with extra chilli to boost the metabolism!) and soy edamame with garlic and chilli.  This birthday was proof that you can have a nice birthday without spoiling your weight loss and still have tasty foods.
Meal_replacement_dietMy weigh in was great this week – another 500g down so that is 2.5kg to go to hit my pre pregnancy weight and I am getting pretty excited about that now.  When you get so close it really does encourage and motivate you to keep going – and I must admit that I have had some moments when I have thought ‘hmmmm shall I just stop now as I look fine” and I am sooooo glad I have kept going as I know I will feel so great knowing I have got back down to my original weight – psychologically it is definitely a big boost.
Kai is 7kg now – cannot believe how big he is getting!!  Carrying him around everywhere is an exercise in itself!  His sleep is still very erratic – some nights it is 3 times a night wake up and some nights 1 and no apparent rhyme or reason why!  Am loving having some help with the Au Pair too – it really is nice to have a few hours with my hands free and it is funny hearing her talk French to him – I asked her to talk to him as much as possible in French and English to stimulate his brain and he quite likes it!
Am loving doing my business Lose Baby Weight too – it is so nice to be able to work from home and do something that is helping so many mums lose weight and feel great – I wish I had done it years ago!!