The week started off really well this week and I was coming off the back of a very big 1.3kg loss last week so I felt great.  I was doing the Lose Baby Weight plans every day, doing a really big 45 minute walk every day as well as 10 minutes a day on my vibration machine and by Wednesday I was absolutely exhausted!  But I felt good and I was definitely hoping for another big loss this week but on my Friday morning weigh in the scales were only 400g lighter – so not what I had aimed for but still a loss so I was happy with that.  It is definitely true that the last 5kg are the hardest so I knew the next few weeks were going to be the toughest but I was determined not to give up as even though I certainly was not overweight now and was a good weight I wanted to get to my pre pregnancy weight as I do want to have another baby further down the track and preventing big gains there will be dependent on me getting to my pre pregnancy weight now – plus I want to get back into my old clothes!


Me and Kai in the hot tub

My little boy is 12 weeks old this week too and I decided to get some help in the form of an Au Pair is going to do a two hours a day in my house three days a week so I have some free time to work on my business – as it has been a big juggling act with Kai to get everything done – so hopefully this will help me keep the house a bit tidier and be a bit more organised too!  So the Au Pair started this week and Kai seemed to like having someone else to entertain me.  I told her she wouldn’t have to change nappies (as I figured that was a bit mean as he does some stinkers and I am still in the house in the next room) and would only have to read to him and play with him so she had two days last week with him and it all went well and he had fun – hopefully she’ll be back to help next week!

Kai and Dad

I also had a lot on this week as it was my hubby’s birthday and I had organised a surprise weekend trip away – which in theory was a great idea but in reality when we got there we soon realised it wasn’t so good for the little one.  Although I wasn’t really one for a routine so to speak, Kai and me were still forming our own little daily routine which was  – wake up about 7.00am and have some play time and fun on the bed, then go into his rocker chair and watch Baby Einstein while I made my Lose Baby Weight Smoothie. Then play with his puppet toys, read books and generally be silly.  Then Kai have a feed.  This took us to about 9.00am ish then we would go for a walk in the pram where he would sleep for an hour or two then we could come home and re do the morning routine then he would usually have a little sleep in his rocker (he wouldn’t sleep in his cot in the day time!), then Dad would come home which meant more play time then bed time at about 8.00pm into his cot and then wake up for food ever 3 – 4 hours.  Unfortunately this routine all went to pot on the weekend – the place we stayed at was really hilly with bumpy pavements so not good for walking with our pram.  The place we stayed at had said it had a portacot but it was in fact broken so we had to create a make shift cot out of a mattress and pillows which Kai HATED and woke every hour from and ended up in our bed.  We didn’t bring the rocker or Baby Einstein which upset his daily routine and all in all he cried, was grumpy and pretty unhappy so on day 2 so we decided to come home and vowed never to go away again and being home was just so much better!  But we did have fun in the hot tub which was at the place!

Rhian and Kai on the beach

Looking forward to next week as finally Summer is over and a cool change is in Sydney which is great news for walking!!!