lose_weight_when_breastfeedingI have now officially given up on thinking ‘this is it he is going to sleep better’.  On Sunday and Monday night he slept 7 hours uninterrupted and this was following me giving me an extra formula top up (on top of his breast milk) just before he went down and on Tuesday I was very pleased with myself thinking that I had found the magic secret to getting babies to sleep through the night.
Sadly not.  On Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night he was back to his naughty ways of waking every 3 hours.  And in this month’s practical Parenting magazine I just read that only 15% of babies sleep through before the age of 12 months – so I am giving up thinking about it now and am resigned to a regular 3 hour wake up call!
Am feeling a hundred times better than last week and feel like a machine on the Lose Baby Weight plans this week.  I am doing everything by the book and have lost a huge 1.3kg this week which I am so so happy about – only 4kg to go to my pre pregnancy weight!
I did a huge walk this week too – I was waiting for the bus to go to the Sydney Centennial Park Walking Group on Tuesday and when it came I was mortified to see it wasn’t a pram friendly bus so I couldn’t get on!  I looked at my watch and I had 35 minutes to get to the park in what was normally a good 50 minute walk – without a pram and a baby!  But ever committed to the cause I decided to go for it and power walked half of the way and jogged the other half – nearly killed me!
Then it started raining so I thought “never mind – just get there and you can rest as it is raining so everyone will just want a coffee and not want to walk’.  However, it stopped raining and the walk was on!  So I did another big walk and nearly collapsed at the end – I think I may have lost the 1.3kg on that day alone!!
I finally managed to get Kai registered on my Medicare card this week too – so annoying that it can’t be done over the phone and you have to go into a centre – they don’t make it easy!!
I was also really happy this week when the Autumn issue of My Child came out which had the 2 page article I had written in there on how to get back into shape post pregnancy – it is such a FANTASTIC magazine so it was an honor to be able to write for it and be able to offer their readers advice.
My smoothies have been great this week and I have gone berry crazy!  I just can’t get enough of the raspberry and blueberry ones – they are sooooo tasty and even though I am now using half water (100ml) and half rice milk (100ml) I am still feeling full afterwards and not needing my mid morning snack for a couple of hours.
I also find that once you get into a routine of having your breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner at a set time your body adjusts and you don’t find yourself reaching for sugary foods which obviously don’t help the weight loss!  Had TONS of chill in my dinners too which really helps boost the metabolism – have had it in salads, pasta tomato sauces and vegetarian chili – all delicious and very hot!!!
A busy week ahead this week – lots to do on the business and picking the winner of the weight loss mum of the month – who wins the $100 voucher – plus I am going to give a mums and bubs yoga class a try – not sure how that will go down with Kai but we’ll see…..
Have a great week everyone – and stay focused – you can and will get there if you focus your mind!