Motivating Mum of 5 Bell Griffiths has lost an amazing 28cms from her hips and over 12kg following the Lose Baby Weight Plans. WELL DONE Bell!!!
So my month had a rocky start as I wrote about in my mid month blog. I decided then and there to re evaluate and re focus and it has paid off!
This month I really decided to focus on my tummy. I checked out the articles about losing tummy fat from the Lose Baby Weight blog and I concentrated on my water intake too.
It makes such a massive difference! From my hips, waist and midsection I lost 28cms!!
I am so pumped about the 28 Day Challenge now! I knew getting back on track would make a big difference.
I have all my pantry goods stocked up, and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the meal plans. The last challenge was so amazing so I anticipate this challenge will be even better!! The Facebook Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group has been all abuzz with talk of the challenge too, everyone is so excited it’s been a great source of motivation for me too.
I will probably keep having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie most mornings for breakfast as I often have school run to contend with so that’s been working so well for me. I have been trying out lots of new recipes from the blog, and I still think the snickers smoothie is my fave! although there is a new ‘Rafaello’ style one that could take its place!
I’ve re-signed for the next 28 Day Challenge because I LOVED the Winter Challenge and found the recipes so easy to follow, and by using the subscription model I get access to all the winter challenge recipes which I’ve been continuing to make for dinners and some lunches! I’m really excited about the next challenge and all the amazing recipes we will get with it!
I am looking forward to continuing on my journey with all the help and support from Rhian and the team at Lose Baby Weight – I know that I’ve got this!!
Bell Griffiths
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