Tyarna Robinson is a Mum of 3 and has lost an amazing 15kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for January.
Well done Tyarna!!!

Hi Lovely Ladies 🙂

I have been given the great pleasure of being a Motivating Mum for January, which so happened to be one of my goals, so I am so stoked to not only be given this privileged, but put a big tick beside my goal 🙂

So a quick something about myself first.

I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls. I am still currently breastfeeding my 11 month old with the intention to extended breastfeed. I live in rural North West Queensland, on a large cattle station with my husband and girls, 1 hour from my nearest town.

I started my weight loss journey after seeing Lose Baby Weight pop up in my Facebook newsfeed at the end of August. I was a serial excuse maker, and believer, and a terrible UNDER eater. After seeing it pop up many, many times, I bit the bullet, and purchased my very first pack (with massive knots in my stomach) in early September. It was there that my love affair started with Lose Baby Weight.

I have never once found myself hungry or deprived of the things I love since starting. It has simply given me the knowledge to make healthier, more nourishing food choices. I have lost a total of 15.1kg since the start of September and I am so pumped to lose the next 20-30kg and reach my major goal!

I have been a 28 Day Challenge subscriber since September, though only participating in my first one in November. The challenges are nothing short of amazing. Living in a rural area (in the middle of woop woop as some may say) where I dont have access to parks, beaches, gyms etc, I have been able to successfully lose weight on the challenge. The recipes are so DELICIOUS versatile and adaptable, which is the best part for me. I don’t have access to many of the ingredients, but its always so easy to adjust to what you have.

Back to the serial excuse maker. If you are like me where you literally would use anything under the sun to not exercise:

  •  Too tired
  • I need to cook dinner
  • My feet/knees will hate me after
  • The baby will be upset
  • Its soooooooo hot

I could honestly go on forever. Then I strongly recommend chucking on your runners and work out gear and find something you love doing. I have found I enjoy walking/jogging and skipping so much and do it every single day. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would enjoy jogging, but thanks to Lose Baby Weight I have been given the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and explore what is out there in the big bad (but really good) world of EXERCISE. If you can involve your children, it is even more enjoyable. Explore, experiment and most importantly ENJOY.

Oh, one last thing. Those Healthy Mummy Smoothies O.M.G… YUUUM! If you are humming and harring about getting a tub, do it! You wont be disappointed!!

I look forward to getting to know you all better, and I will do my best to encourage and motivate you as much as you have all done for me.

Here is to a New Challenge, New Year, and a New You. 2015 is our year to SHINE 🙂

Tyarna xx

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