Motivating mum Cassandra Davidson has lost over 12kgs following the Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.
Today she is being completely honest with us all and showing us that it doesn’t matter how long your journey can take as long as you never give up! Over to you Cassandra:
Trying hard to get myself focused so I can finish my journey with the same determination that I began with many years ago.
This past year has seemed like the impossible and has been one filled with crazy amounts of emotions both good and bad. It has been another physically tough year for me and I am still trying to find my “happy place” with what I can and can’t manage to do without flaring up my back injury so bad that walking is hard!

It has been SUPER busy between being a full time mum to three energetic girls, a wife to my husband (who might I add is INCREDIBLE) and on top of that, running my own business from home.
I feel as though I started 2014 in such a good head space and as the year progressed and life got crazy, my kids (the youngest especially) had so much sickness and many hospital stays and visits to the doctors (nothing serious) that my determination slowly slipped away.
I ROCKED my first challenge in September after being SO EXCITED to be doing the 28 day weight loss challenge and lost lots of cms and just over 3kgs by following it. But once that finished it didn’t seem to matter how prepared or planned I was, I just never seemed to do good enough. And I let being busy be an excuse to make bad choices too many times.
Self-expectations are sometimes the HARDEST thing to deal with-We put so much pressure on ourselves to strive and be the best, that we forget reality. I have been talking lots to fellow Motivating Mum Rae Willingham (you can see her journey here) today and she has started to bring me back to earth. Back to giving myself a break and getting back to such simple things that the things that seemed big will slowly fall back into place.
I am re-assessing my goals and making some S.M.A.R.T goals, I am re-assessing my nutritional needs and working out what exercises I know I can manage so long as I am having a good day.
Ladies, try your best to remember YOU are an AMAZING woman!!
Yep- I am talking to YOU reading this!
Mums, our job, as much as we love it and adore our kids, some days it is just plain old TOUGH! I am home today with three sicks kids (SO yep I am slightly stressed and plan on not failing and will be baking some healthy goods this arvo to prepare for the week ahead)
Being a role model 24/7 gets tough. If you are like me, you never EVER want anyone around you to see you fail, to have a bad day or even just to be struggling…. I have felt like so many times in the last 12 months that “IF I had of just tried harder, or pushed myself more and dealt with the pain and stuck to my calories that hey I would be skinny right now”!
But that wasn’t a reality! It sometimes sadly takes getting to a low place to realise how darn good you are doing.
I have been on a weight loss journey for over 6yrs now, and I got 7kgs away from my goal (until baby #3 was conceived)
I am now 15kgs away (wanting to be 70kgs)
Sure, I know I will get there one day (my goal is by Christmas this year) But I also know how important it is to be a mum, a wife, a business owner, and to be happy and to love myself as much as those around me do. At the same time, of course I wish I could just click my fingers and be there, it seems I am great at maintaining weight!
It is time to start taking things day by day and week by week again. Accepting those bad days, taking them but then leaving them behind (at least enjoying those days in between)
I know by doing this, that things will fall into place once again. Hey – i have done it before. And I know I can get there!
Thank you to ALL of you for always being such an amazing support group of ladies that hey, if I have had a day from hell or struggling massively or if I am celebrating something you are ALWAYS there! Although I have not met most of you, I know I have made some beautiful friends.
These two photo comparisons are around 1 and close to half a year apart. I look at them now and realise the pressure I have been putting on myself is not necessary – although these photos are about 12kgs apart to me I feel like it should be more, I am going to be proud of how much change I have already made to my body.
Stay strong ladies and never give up on your journey no matter how long it may take
Cassie xxxx
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