Now it’s the second week of the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge things can start to get a bit tough in the motivation department.
Work, family, illness, responsibilities and life in general all start creeping in and in some cases taking over from your organised plans to eat well and exercise more.
This is ok as long as you do your best and keep getting back on track as soon as you veer away from your healthy eating diet plan and exercise routines.
28_Day_Weight_Loss_ChallengeHere are some tips from Motivating Mum Nicole Smith who has lost over 20kgs with the Lose Baby Weight plans,  to help you avoid falling off the “healthy lifestyle” wagon too regularly during the Challenge:

  • When I feel flat or feel as though I need a boot up the bum in regards to training I book in for a PT session or speak to my trainer. I always feel a million times better. (If you don’t have a trainer you could always post how you’re feeling on the Facebook group to get a little ‘pep’ talk from all the other Mums who are doing the Challenge with you).
  • With regards to “treat” meals and binging. I used to have a huge problem with binging. In the end I told myself that: “that block of chocolate / tub of ice cream will be there tomorrow, there is no point devouring the lot right now”.
  • If you feel as though the scales aren’t moving in your favour don’t feel too defeated. If you are still putting in the effort you are more than likely still losing cms. I measure myself on the first of each month, but if I am having a particularly bad week on the scales I measure myself more regularly.

best_ways_to_lose_weightLauren, who has lost over 4kgs since starting with the Lose Baby Weight plans and the Challenges in July, shares some of her top motivation and staying on track tips:

  • My biggest tip is be as organised as possible. At the beginning of the week I cut up or portion my snacks into individual serves. That way I can just grab and go. I also make my lunch the night before so in the morning when trying to get my son ready for childcare and me ready for work, I can just get everything out of the fridge and be on my way.
  • Even if you’re at home for the day I’d recommend getting the day’s meals prepared the day before as you never know when you’re going to get busy/have sick or clingy kids and you don’t then have to try and get your meals sorted. One less thing to think about!!
  • As for motivation, I have a really good friend doing the Challenge with me and I have made some great connections with lovely ladies on the Facebook support group. I think that helps so so much and is one of the key aspects why the Lose Baby Weight plans appealed to me. Having someone who knows what you’re going through and can be there to cheer you on when you’ve had a win or support you and provide advice when you’re having a tough day is absolutely invaluable.

So come on ladies, keep doing your best and you’ll feel fantastic – we promise!