Motivating Mum Tawhai Tinsdale has lost over an amazing 23kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her end of month blog.

What a busy month it has been, it has just flown by I have really enjoyed being a Motivating Mum for December. It has helped me keep going with my goals and lifestyle changes. The Guilt-free Chocolate Treat and Baking Cookbook and the Christmas & New Year Healthy Cookbook have been lifesavers for Christmas celebrations and gatherings and I have used mostly recipes from the Christmas & New Year Healthy Cookbook to plan our Christmas dinner. These recipes have definitely kept me on track through the silly season and when taking a plate to occasions.
So far I have lost over 23kgs since mid August and it has made a huge difference not just to mine but my family’s health. I’ve actually started to enjoy cooking which I never thought would happen! I think because the food is so tasty and trying different flavour combinations in the 28 Day Challenge Meal Plans has made a huge difference to my attitude towards cooking.
I also like to experiment with using different ingredients or herbs and spices in the recipes and they still taste great. I was worried I would be cooking different meals for the members of my family because my daughter has feeding issues and allergies and my fiancée works long hours in construction. But I easily can tweak a meal to suit everyone without complaints.
Another thing I didn’t think I would enjoy is exercise but it’s become an important part of my life. I like to get up before my daughter and have a walk or run on my treadmill or else we go out with the pram after she gets up. As well as this I like to do the Challenge Exercises from previous 28 Day Challenges which are high intensity but easier to fit in time wise.
Exercise helps keep me going for the rest of the day energise wise and food wise. This is showing in everyday life, like being able to run around kicking a ball with my daughter or dancing around the room having fun with her. I wouldn’t have done this before joining Lose Baby Weight without being puffed really quickly.
I’m so happy that changes I’ve made and weight I have lost has encouraged friends of mine to join the 28 Day January Challenge. Lose Baby Weight has made a massive difference to my life and I know it will for others as well. If you haven’t joined yet take the plunge the 28 Day Challenges are awesome and lead to a healthy lifestyle that can be a part of everyday life forever.
Tawhai Tinsdale
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