Motivating Mum Renee Evans has lost an incredible 24kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and shares her end of month blog for February.revans

Today is the last day as motivating month and what a fun month it has been,
I’ve received many messages over the last month from other mums asking advice, tips and I’ve really enjoyed being able to reply and help others stay motivated.
I’ve had mums send me selfies each day of good choices they had made for the day and I’m so proud.
The response I received from being a Motivating Mum this month, made me realize i really have done so well already.
For the January 28 Day Challenge I lost 3-4 kilos and was so happy with that, I was eating so much and was never hungry.
This month I stayed at the same weight and i learnt a very good lesson, Its all about what your eating and if your not eating enough. I still ate right but Ididnt eat enough.
Although no kgs loss I’ve gained knowledge and that for me is what will get me to my goal weight.
I’m excited to start March, to get back into eating how I should and learning new recipes.
Thank you for having me as one of your Motivating Mums for February and i look forward to doing the challenge with you all for March.
Renee Evans
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