Hi Mums, I have now lost 23kg with Lose Baby Weight!
Here we are at the half way point! So far in the challenge I have lost 2 kilos! I started at 94kgs in January and as of today I am sitting at 71 kilos. I never thought I would make it to this point and I am ecstatic that I did.
Lose Baby Weight-23kg Loss

As mentioned in my last post, I put my success down to preparation. I work 4 days a week, so one weekend a fortnight, I spend cooking meals and snacks for the weeks ahead.
When customizing my meal plan, I look for meals that are freezable and easy to cook in bulk. So many delicious things have come out in the last few challenges!
The chicken and mushroom filo parcels are so tasty and freeze really well. On a work night it is so easy to just make a salad or steam a few veggies while one of those babies is crisping up in the oven.
My goal to exercise every day is still a work in progress. I still struggle to fit in structured exercise each day; however I am kicking butt with the incidental exercise.
I have found nearly every stair case at work and make it my duty to go up and down them whenever possible! My office mate stops working and does squats with me (And helps me eat my chocolate bliss balls!).
I definitely eat better on work days, despite the best intentions of ‘helpful’ colleagues with bags of lollies!
healthy eating meal plans
My typical day’s food is a Healthy Mummy smoothie for Breakfast, Two boiled eggs and a kiwifruit for morning tea, a challenge lunch (Usually pre-prepared and frozen), pretzel and an apple for afternoon tea, a Lose Baby Weight dinner, then some kind of dessert.
The strawberry and dark choc parfait is a fave of mine! I drink a few cups of green and peppermint tea each day, lots of water and a sneaky skinny latte or two
My whole family has been playing tag with sickness lately. The last month or so has been a long road of temperature, snotty noses and doctors visits.
It is so easy to get bogged down in it sometimes, and to want to resort to take away.
I have a secret – Sometimes I do give in! We had Pizza last Friday and I must say, I didn’t regret a single bite!
One thing I have noticed though, is my approach to eating junk food now. The old me would have eaten 4 or slices of a large pizza, 3 to 4 pieces of garlic bread and a couple of glasses of coke zero. The new me had half of a small pizza with a big salad. It meant I could squash the craving without undoing all my hard work.
It is learning these kinds of skills that have made me so grateful for having found Lose Baby Weight and it is probably the main reason I have been able to stick to it. I love that no foods are excluded, I love the re-imagining of so many typically unhealthy foods so I have never felt like I am missing out..
lose baby weight
My time so far as a motivating mum has been a bit of an eye opener. I didn’t quite realise that I was “recognisable” on the private Facebook page.
That place is such an inspiring and motivating safe haven to celebrate our wins and a soft place to land when we fall.
I see people on their like Kat and Ash and Tasheena who are these amazing strong, gorgeous and healthy women who are always there to lift others up.
Well when I posted my week one results, I was gob smacked at the amount of women who said they had been following my story since the start. Mine? But I’m not inspiring or special? But then I look. I really look and I see the difference in my progress photos.
I see that what I have achieved is truly amazing, That I am amazing!!
I could not have come this far without the guidance of the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day challenges, the undying support of my husband, Jim, and the love and wisdom that comes from the amazing women on the facebook page.
Every single one of them is absolutely inspiring person, no matter what stage of their journey they may be up to. It is just women supporting each other to be the best we can for ourselves and our families.
Thank you for reading, and I am looking forward to conquering the next two weeks with you all!
Rachel xx

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Lose Baby Weight 26kg Loss
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