Motivating Mum of 4 Teresa Lawson has lost an amazing 64cms from her body following the Lose Baby Weight Plans.
My name is Teresa and I am one of the Motivating Mums for November. I am 40 years old with four children 17, 13, 4 & 2.  After four children and a very stressful work life for the last 10years I have reached my biggest at 98.1 kilos and a size 22.
When I saw Lose Baby Weight being advertised in August this year I knew it was time to change, my youngest baby was about to turn two and I had then been a stay at home mum for 16 months, there were no more excuses!  I have lots of goals set but my main one is to be the healthiest mum I can be so that I am around for a very long time to see all my babies grow up and have their own babies.
I joined Lose Baby Weight and was excited to start preparing for the September 28 day Challenge.  I was horrified when I took my before photos and didn’t think I would ever post them, but as the weight started to reduce and I read everybody’s posts on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook support page each day I knew if they could all do it then so could I.
I cooked the majority of our meals from the challenge, I don’t eat fish so swapped those meals for others off the Lose Baby Weight website and the Freezer Friendly Meals book, and every one of them has been a success.  I don’t do separate meals, the whole family eats the same thing so all six of us have enjoyed trying so many new meals, I now get comments if it’s not something new and what they term fancy for dinner! I also get requests from all the family for the favourites. My husband and I are huge fans of the Strawberry Granola for breakfast and have it a couple of times a week.  The favourites for Dinner so far have been the Lamb rissoles, Chicken and Avocado Salad and the Thai Beef Salad.
At first I lost weight fairly quickly losing 5kilos within the two weeks leading up to the challenge and the first two weeks of the September 28 day challenge, it then slowed off and I have since lost another 2.5 kilos. Although my number on the scales goes up and down my measurements are what gives me the biggest motivation. I have lost a total of 64cms all over.
I started with just doing daily exercises from the previous Winter 28 day challenge until September, then continued with the daily exercises and starting to add some time on the treadmill when I could manage it.  Over the last month I have added in regular walks with my two little ones out in the pram and a few of the challenges that have been posted on the Facebook Support Page such as daily squats, standing instead of sitting and the 28 day tone up exercises.
I’m a bit addicted to squats now and feel very frustrated if I don’t manage to exercise on any given day.  My favourite exercises are definitely the daily challenge exercises, I love how quick they are to complete and being able to see my progress and improvement with each set.
I definitely find recording everything keeps me on track.  I log my food everyday to record my calories, logging the exercises each day and even my weekly weight and measurements is all very motivating for me. I tend to weigh myself too often and my goal for this month is to stick to only doing my weight and measurements each Monday.  Regular photos are also a big favourite of mine as I find looking at myself in the mirror I still don’t always see the new me! I’ve even posted photos a couple of times and am looking forward to sharing my progress photos with you all this month.
When family and friends ask me what diet I’m doing I tell them that it is not a diet it is a lifestyle choice I definitely sound like the converted, singing the praises of Lose Baby Weight with all the information I have learnt, the healthy meals and the fantastic support I receive every day.  I have decided to be the healthier me and that this is not a quick fix solution that is easy to give up on. It is the easiest plan I have found and certainly motivates me to keep going, my bad days and slip ups are fewer and fewer and I can rationally look at them and know I am only human and one little slip up will not be my downfall!
I still have a long way to go with another 25kilos to lose and would love to be at least a size 14 by my 20 year wedding anniversary at the start of April next year.
I look forward to motivating everyone and know that this will be extra motivation for me this month to kick it into high gear getting me ready for Christmas and the silly season.
Teresa Lawson
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