Motivating Mum Krystal Baker has lost over an amazing 16kgs and shares how she stays active with 4 kids and has a new passion for running!
Krystal says:

“I have also done 3 of the 28 Day Challenges. They are a great way to kick start or even maintain your journey and perfect for busy mums – I highly recommend them”


Hi, I’m Krystal, I have been lucky enough to be a Motivating Mum for the past 2 months and I have enjoyed encouraging and inspiring other mums while they progress through their journey.  At first I couldn’t believe I was sharing these picture of myself in such a state but as the months have gone by and seeing my progress I’m so glad I took them.  I have been on the lose baby weight life style change and using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, DVD and recipe books for 5 months now and in that time I have also done 3 of the 28 Day Challenges. They are a great way to kick start or even maintain your journey and perfect for busy mums – I highly recommend them
I have had 7 pregnancies (5 babies). I was always a slim girl at school, size 8 but my weight has been up and down since I was 21 after baby Number 1. After I had baby number 2 I lost all my weight and was back down to a size 9 then with number 3 I put it all back on again. After the loss of our son I wasn’t looking after myself and lost the weight again but in a very unhealthy way and wasn’t eating much at all.  I met my now husband, my apatite came back and so did the weight.
I fell pregnant with baby number 4 and when he was a baby I cut dairy out of my diet to help him with silent reflux. My weight dropped yet again back to a size 9/10 but once again I managed to put it all back on again.  Now we have had baby number 5 our last baby I am determined to not only lose the weight I want but to maintain the loss.
These photos are of me at the beginning of my journey in June and the again now in November 19.2kgs lighter and a hell of a lot fitter.  I still have more weight I want to lose but now it’s not so much about the weight it’s more about my fitness.  I wanted exercise to become a part of my everyday life and it has thanks to the fabulous Healthy Mummy Support Group that continues to keep me focused, on track and inspired.
I have a new found love for running which prior to Lose Baby Weight I could hardly run to the end of my driveway (5 meters) without feeling puffed and now I’m almost at 5 km without stopping.  My fitness has come so far and my eldest daughter encourages me to run and pushes me harder, she’ll come on runs with me and our dog, she’ll come to PT with me and push me through the cardio and I push her in the strength training.  Prior to Lose Baby Weight I didn’t even know what Cardio was, I’m not kidding!!!
28 dayI have learnt so much about food, fitness and most importantly myself over these past months.  I have always pretty much eaten anything however I’d never tried foods such as tofu and chickpeas and haloumi but I gave them a go and loved them so my advice to anyone not sure about a new food, just give it a try it may surprise you.
My self-esteem has taken a real boost and I can now look at myself in the mirror and most days be happy with what I see. I say most days as there are days when the mind will play silly games and I feel hmmmm about what I see.  If I’m feeling this way I just jump on the support group and get the pick me up need from all the great supporting inspiring mums on there and I truly believe that someday I’m that person for someone else having a hmmm day.
There are days I don’t get my exercise in and I feel guilty then I sit back and think about what I have done for the day and realise all the incidental exercise I have done in the day, such as vacuuming, mopping and cleaning my HUGE 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 living room and study house which is a workout on its own.
My washing loads I do each day with 2 girls who love to change more often than you can imagine, a boy who sulks if his t-shirt has a drop of water on it, a 6 month old baby that speaks for itself and a husband well need I say more!  I have eliminated my clothesline table and squat for every item of clothing and every peg I need that way I can get a workout and the washing done all at once.
My new motto is BE ACTIVE and this comes from looking back at all the past years and thinking about how much time I have wasted on watching TV for most of the day while sitting on the couch.  Well not anymore, whenever I sit now it’s only to eat, feed my bubba or at the end of the day and I’m spending time with my husband.
So get up, get moving and make a change in your life! You’re worth it!
Cheers Krystal Baker
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