The incredible Lisa Hagarty, Mum of 2, has lost an astonishing 39kgs and her husband has lost an amazing 13kgs with Lose Baby Weight. Lisa shares her end of month update for Motivating Mum of July.

Hi my name is Lisa Hagarty and I am a Motivating Mum for the month of July. I have 2 beautiful kids, a boy who is almost 4 and a little girl who is 18 months and work full time shift work.
I have been using the Lose baby Weight plans for 11 months now and have lost almost 39kg. My goal is to lose a total of 50Kg, which will take me to about 70kg and in the healthy weight range. My husband has also incidentally been following the Lose Baby Weight plans, by eating the dinners, lunches and the snacks that I prepare; he has lost a total of 13kgs and is now in the healthy weight range.
I have really enjoyed doing the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge this July – and can’t wait to do the one in September, I have lost 2kgs and 1cm from everywhere off of my body. I lost this weight in the first 2 weeks of the challenge and then didn’t lose anything in the last 2 weeks, however we went away on a family holiday for 2 weeks and we didn’t have a kitchen so I wasn’t able to follow the challenge to the letter. In the end I didn’t put on any weight and remained the same, so I am really happy with that.
My main achievement for the month I think is my determination to stick to the program, even when I fall off the wagon for a few days. While we were away I was always looking forward to going back home, getting back into my routine, eating the awesome Lose Baby Weight food made from the recipes, having my morning Healthy Mummy Smoothies, and getting back into my normal exercise routine.
We came back from our holidays last night and the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was to have my Healthy Mummy Smoothie, hit the gym, and get straight back into my Lose Baby Weight program. I hadn’t done any weights workout for 2 weeks while we were away as the “gym” at the hotel we stayed at consisted of an old treadmill and an exercise ball. It felt so great getting back into it and I walked out of there full of energy. When I got home I packed a lunch bag for work with a healthy Lamb Shank and Spiced Veggie soup, which I had made from a recipe on the Lose Baby Weight website and had frozen extra before we went on holidays, fruit and a healthy snack.
I am looking forward to seeing some great results in the next month and will hopefully be over my mini goal of losing 40kgs in 12 months. Wish me Luck and join me on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
Lisa xx
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