Motivating Mum Lauren Jones shares her end of month blog after losing over 10kg with Lose Baby Weight.
Well done Lauren!
So this is my last blog as a Motivating Mum this month, and you know what I feel like I have inspired people, but also feel inspired in return.
The past few days have been tough for me, I had my son’s naming day over the weekend and cooked lots of indulgent food. Combine that with the major stress of planning and catering for a party and it is not good.
I did not drink anywhere enough water and found myself snacking mindlessly on “party food”. However I tried to go back to good food choices that night and then continued to choose salmon salad wraps over pizza the next night.
So even though I did over indulge a touch, I now, thanks to Lose Baby Weight know that it’s not a complete write off and to continue bingeing,  but to accept it for what it is, then move on with healthy food choices and water.
I am feeling a bit more bloated today, partly due to hormonal times of the month but also food that I’m not accustomed to anymore, but super excited to have signed up to the 28 Day Challenge in November and will do the 3 Day Cleanse tomorrow to rid my body of build up.
In the past few, crazy days I kept my sustenance up with the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, seriously they are a godsend!! and my usual go to snacks of almonds and fresh fruit.
I am now a proud owner of the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD and a weighted skipping rope, so even though I have been too busy to head to the gym I have been keeping up my daily exercise, and definitely a lot of my “incidental exercise”.
I have just a few more kilos to go and I will be happy and the healthiest I’ve ever been.
But it’s all about celebrating the journey, not just the me fitting into a beautiful fitted
white dress for my son’s special day.
Thanks Lose Baby Weight, You have changed my life, and I feel so lucky to be able to share this with others!
Lauren Jones
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