Motivating Mum Lauren Kolstad has lost over an incredible 21kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about how the healthy lifestyle change has made her a happier person.

Hello Lovelies
Well I’m back again for November! Hopefully you don’t get sick of me because I am absolutely loving being a Motivating Mumma!  Thank you all so much for being amazing support buddies and hopefully I have provided you with some inspiration and motivation too.
Well I am super super proud to report that I got my goal of being under 90 by my birthday – a week beforehand I weighed in at 89.7kg woo hoo! Though ‘just for fun’ I decided to weigh in on my birthday (which coincidentally was Melbourne cup day) and I was 90.2kg – sigh. As I posted in the facebook support group – I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed although I know that the scales can be BIG FAT liars! So I let it go (cue Frozen soundtrack) still had a fabulous day and absolutely enjoyed myself. I also enjoyed one (or two….ok three) birthday cupcakes and that’s something I wanted to share with you guys, how I have found balance and have learnt to move on and not let the little things get to me quite so much, thanks to the Lose Baby Weight program.
A lot of my colleagues and friends know that I am following a weight loss program and in the week leading up to my birthday asked me ‘so what are you going to do about your birthday?’ My reply – I am going to enjoy myself! I am not just following a weight loss program, I am making healthy forever lifestyle changes and some days…like my birthday…that means I am going to eat cake. It’s all about balance.
I have had awesome weight loss results, I am currently down 21.5 kg (from 110kg to most recent weigh in at 88.5kg) and have lost 22cm from my bust, 21cm from my waist, 22cm from my hips and 15cm from each thigh, but I would never have kept motivation to achieve these results, without having balance to my approach and occasionally eating ‘off the menu’. In the 5 months I have been following the program I’ve had my sons 2nd birthday, been interstate for work a couple of times, been to numerous social functions and of course had my 31st birthday.
I have learnt the difference between really really wanting a ‘cheat’ or what I prefer to call it – a ‘sometimes’ meal, and the days where I was having an ‘I can’t be bothered’ day. There were times when I needed to let myself enjoy a sometimes meal and other times where it was better for me to get the psychological win and crave something but choose a healthier option/version.
This has been such a revelation as weight loss has always been more of a psychological battle for me, I am the definition of emotional eater – you name it, I would eat because of it. For most of my life the exercise or physical activity I was doing would counterbalance this aspect of my eating, but as I got older and especially after having my son, this was less and less the case.
I hid behind humour and a smile but inside I was a frustrated, angry and bitter person. Losing weight has not ‘fixed me’ but taking control of my lifestyle by making healthy changes, eating better and exercising regularly, has certainly made me happier and more emotionally balanced and for that I’ll be forever grateful to Rhian, the Lose Baby Weight team and the wonderful ladies in the closed facebook group. Being part of a group of amazing, strong and inspiring women is unbelievably awesome and everyone goes above and beyond to encourage and offer words of wisdom and support.
I am absolutely loving the November Challenge, the customisable menu is amazing as I use to spend over 30mins going through and customising my weekly menu myself! I’m also loving the exercise – I remember my first challenge I was struggling to get through a whole minute of each exercise and I gave it everything I had just to do the challenge exercises each day. This challenge I do bootcamp 2-3x per week, run 5km once a week and try and fit a Lose Baby Weight DVD session in as well as do the challenge exercises. My fitness level has improved so much and yet I still find the exercises challenging and a great workout!
I am eating amazing food and losing weight – what could be better! Here’s to finishing off November with a bang, I can’t wait to look and feel amazing this Christmas.
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