My name is Laura and I am a stay at home mum to a gorgeous 15 month old boy. I have been using Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Challenges for a year now and in that time I have lost 34 kilos and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle with my family. You can see my latest update here.

The Lose Baby Weight Private Facebook Support Group is fantastic. Being part of such a large group of women means I see a lot of different weight loss stories and fitness achievements which can be incredibly daunting when starting your weight loss journey.
There are some serious superstar women in the group whose fitness levels are beyond anything I could ever imagine! It can be intimidating and if you’re anything like me and have never overly loved exercise, it can make you feel like “if that’s what you need to do to lose weight then you may as well hand me the bucket of fried chicken and call it stumps now!”
I’m here to offer a different perspective and show you that Lose Baby Weight is a program for everyone, the fitness junkies and the couch potatoes at heart. My favourite exercises are using my exercise bike and a nice walk as it is gentle and I can do them every day.
On average I exercise about 5 times a week for 40 mins per session, sometimes more sometimes less but I started with less and built up to that as my fitness improved. I think if you enjoy it enough to do it regularly then that’s what you should do. Don’t feel pressured to do 1.5 hours a day, if you have the time and love it go for it! But as a busy mum I understand that we need to work around the kids and schedules so you do what you can when you can, it all counts.
I love to eat and once a fortnight on average my husband and I will get takeaway and we will love every single mouthful. We are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, I love sweet and salty, breads and desserts and there’s a reason I started my weight loss journey at 116 kilos. Don’t ever feel like you need to be perfect, falling short will only make you want to give up. Understand that you will have better days/weeks/months than others and that’s ok, it’s not a race it’s a lifestyle change and you need to make it a sustainable change.
Reading this you may wonder how I’ve managed to lose any weight at all, between loving food and not being all that passionate about exercise I’m not your normal weight loss success story!
I made small changes and kept going with them, improving where I could. Instead of toast for breakfast I have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie (my favourite is the snickers smoothie, it tastes as good and is as ‘naughty’ as it sounds), a meat and salad wrap or eggs and avo on toast give me something that feels ‘carbie’ for lunch, plus the yummy “naughty” healthy cakes and treats from the Guilt Free Cookbook and one of my favourite Lose Baby Weight meals of all time is the Shepard’s pie from the Comfort Eating Coobook for dinner.
The recipes Lose Baby Weight offer me a healthy alternative to every food I love so I never feel like I’m going without or eating “rabbit food” and the program prides itself on making sure you’re eating enough so I’m never hungry.
Don't compare
When I first started it was to be a healthier me, I didn’t care how that happened as long as the change was made and made for life. I couldn’t keep going the way I was going, it was sending me to an early grave. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourselves to others, the only thing you should be comparing is your before and after photo. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you lose weight, if you do it with high intensity training or going for walks, what counts is that you’re making a change for the better and you are becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.
Keep up the good work ladies and remember I’m always here to cheer you on no matter what it is you’re doing.
Laura x

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