Jess Luff loses an amazing 8kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is pushing herself harder being a Motivating Mum for August. WELL DONE Jess!
I have loved my first two weeks as a Motivating Mum for August.  I have found myself pushing myself harder and watching what I eat because I feel I need to be a good role model for others on the same journey with Lose Baby Weight. I have lost 2kg since the start of the month (woohoo!) putting me at just under 70kg.
Unfortunately I injured my back on the 2nd day of my Motivating Mum month (great timing, I know!). My first week consisted of only walking short distances as anything else would aggravate it. However, come week 2 I was back with  vengeance. I just had my first Personal Training session with a good friend of mine. She definitely pushed me to my limits and halfway through the session I was nearly physically sick. I am loving the muscle soreness as it shows me how hard I actually worked, and I look forward to exercising every day (did I just say that?!).
I had my first proud of myself moment too, my sister in law noticed that I had lost weight (hadn’t seen her for 2 months) and said that I have ‘shrunk’!!!
My favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothies are the Snickers smoothie  and a simple Mango & Strawberry. I have been aiming to try a new smoothie recipe each day, which has been great to change it up a bit!
I have loved using the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan and the Guilt Free Chocolate Baking book. My favourite recipe from the 28 day plan has been the Cumin & Garlic Lamb w/ minted yoghurt and I loved the Banana Coconut squares from the Guilt Free Baking Book.
See you in another 2 weeks! Ciao!
Jess Luff
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