Hello Healthy Mummy’s!! My name is Helen and I am one of the Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mums for April.
To date I have lost 5kg with the Lose Baby Weight plans since Dec 2014.
Lose Baby Weight- 8kg Loss
The end of the April 28 day weightloss challenge is fast approaching. How are going?

  • Have you lost your mojo?
  • Did you find yourself slipping back in to old habits?
  • Are you finding it difficult to pick yourself up and get back into it?
  • Are you tired from your little one/s keeping you up all hours of the night?
  • Do you find yourself saying I will start again tomorrow or Monday or I’ll start the next 28 Day Weightloss Challenge? And then to find you said the exact words 1-2 months ago?

Today I’m talking about Motivation and tips to keep on track.
April has been an uphill journey for my family and I. Travelling countryside and interstate, seeing and meeting family and all round quite busy. Luckily I had my fiancé to keep my boys busy so I could still focus on healthy eating and getting in some exercise while gallivanting about.
It happens, life happens, things beyond your control in everyday life. When it’s out of our control, routines change. Instead of the challenge exercise you were going to do at 2pm, you found yourself on the couch because the little one is clingy and unwell. It happens! Don’t worry we’ve all been there at some point before and during our journey. But it’s getting back up that counts.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
If I found myself getting too comfortable, knowing damn well I haven’t exercised that day, just get up, walk around the house, get into some workout gear. This gets me every time. I have no choice but to work out if I’m dressed for it!
Meal planning, knowing what we’ll be having for meals and snacks a week in advance is very helpful. Having trouble eating breaky? Try the Healthy Mummy Smoothies! Love my smoothies, at least 1 a day, 2 if I am extra busy!! YUM!
Water intake is also very important. Honestly I couldn’t even get through a 600ml bottle of water in one day unless I was exercising. But since upping my water intake by 1.5 litres, it has bought me out of the plateau. Constantly keep a bottle with you to sip on, leave a few filled up on the bench.
For me planning in my exercise like I do my meals helps me stay on track. If for some reason I am unable to do it, then I fit it in when I can. Kids are having lunch; I’ll do a shorter version of the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 workout. (30sec hard work) Pop the Healthy Mummy DVD in and do as much as I can before my boys realise and join in to the point I end up steeping on wee toes!
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
If you slip and end up eating unhealthy, don’t dwell on it, admit it and move on. Remember why you started. Remembering always gets me up and moving.
Create a motivation board with your favourite quotes and photos. I look at mine with photos of my kids some awesome inspirational and moving quotes and know I am going to have a good day.
Get onto the private support page. Everyone is so fantastic and supportive!! You’re guaranteed a ‘pick me up’ or ‘kick up the butt’ when needed! Yes I have needed it and definitely got it lol!
Super excited to kick off the May Belly Buster Challenge! If you haven’t already signed up you should- don’t hesitate, DO IT!! Meal and exercise plans all in the one place!!! Takes all the guess work out and is ready at your finger tips. You can’t go wrong!
This is my last blog as a Motivating Mum. I hope that I have inspired and helped motivate some of you! I will continue to help motivate and inspire you all throughout my journey also. It’s definitely not over! Keep going ladies, one more week to go!! You can do this, push through the last couple of reps, go that extra mile to end April with a bang!! You got this ladies, woohoo!!
Keep active healthy mummas!!
Helen xxx
And you can join 1000’s of other mums who want to feel healthier and happier and sign up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge now.
Lose Baby Weight- belly buster
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